Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I am totally guilty of finding not one but multiple wet/dirty diapers around the house.(There were five....)
How did this happen?
NEVER say never Amie. Never EVER say never.
It is a universal principle that if I say that it WILL happen to me.

Hello life of a mother of Three!


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Geeez Amie, you need to get on top of diaper duty! He he just kidding. That totally happens to me with just one baby. Oh boy I don't know if I should have anymore!

Amie Orton said...

whatev Sarah, you have never had 5 dirty diapers layin around your house. Maybe ONE.

You need a boatload of children because you have it so together AND your husband is going to be a captain.
Just buy an old lighthouse fix it up...put your 12 children in it...Nick can just treat it like a ship... it will be great.

Say Hi to Janice!

Jenni said...

The diapers lying all around the place...SO funny and true, true!

Oh, by the way what program to you use to create the collages?

Amie Orton said...

Jenni I use picasa usually. It is free!

Dave & Colette said...

Oh!!! Sweet Sweet Naomi, I wish I was there to recue her. Amie your doing great! It's when you find one diaper that's been missing for a week or two(or longer). Now that can be really bad!