Monday, November 29, 2010

Super sick Nay today.
Genuine croup.
 Spent the evening trying every natural remedy ever lived.
It helped. 
But no sleep. Nada. 
I drifted off out on the couches with Nay watching the Grinch.
 Woke up to raspy screaming at 2am.
Not only was she awake, but got herself a bag of cut up raw sweet potatoes out of the fridge
(i know weird but she likes these)
 buckled herself  in the babies chair and was stuck.
sheesh loueez. Give me a heart attack.

Today she started sucking air and barking even worse so I took her in.
Not too soon either.
Thank heavens for modern medicine in situations like these!
Steroids, breathing treatment, she is a lot better.

Times like these I miss living next to these two Gals:

Who would have been at more doorstep at 11 pm with peppermint tea, a handful of home remedies,
advice, encouragement, validation, a good book to read to Naomi and another to myself and all kinds of motherly advice that I would drink up.
Even taken my child and did it themselves if felt needed.

Anyway they wanted to admit Naomi to the hospital, but she got a lot better with the treatments.
But whatever we do "don't let her cry." Doc said.
This is hard. 
Girls are girls.
So she has been watching Dora over and over aaand over.
She undecorated the tree.
I love her but..
Starting to get on my nerve.

Anyway the point of my wordy post today:
 Cache has been funny through all of this.
He is worried for her and prays:
"Bless Lucy and Uncle Jay and bless Naomi to eat healthy food so she can't cough any more."

 Peeled himself a giant carrot for breakfast and ate it as he sat next to her on the couch so:
"Nay won't make ME sick."
Also peeved that Naomi had a popsicle instead of dinner, because the
 "Salad would make her feel better."
We somehow brainwashed this little boy.
Love it.
He still ate his fair share of popsicles, chocolate chips and whatever else he could sneak today.

That's all.
just wanted to remember Cache today.
I also found this on the counter:

I'm not really sure how he figured out how to spell my name.
Thanks Cache.
Let me just take credit for all YOU really did despite of me today.
Thanks for helping me appear as if I'm not totally failing.

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