Monday, November 1, 2010

The day has come.
The day we he daily asks about ALL YEAR long.
Tomorrow is going to be so fun.
especially for one little 5 year old boy.

from mom: fifties Superman comic book from pbkids and spider man pen.
from Naomi: a new pistol from cabelas. 
from dad: punching bags(so he'll stop punching devin in the loins)
 and frosted flakes(Cache thinks they will make him good at sports)
from Gage: underwear

Can't wait for him to wake up!


Zana said...

Happy Big Day Cache! James would also like that gift from Naomi.

Seems to me that you are well adjusted to your new life in guys are a sweet fit to anyplace you land! By the way,
cute name for your baby boy...boy names are so hard for us to agree on. Hopefully we have enough months to come up with something :)

Unknown said...

I had to laugh when I read Devin's gift. Glad to know my boys are not the only ones that try to use their dad as a punching bag. :) Hope your little guy has a great birthday!

thueson2 said...

Hey, I recognize that Pirate bag! If Kyle's primary teacher only knew what good use that bag would get!

Happy B Day Cache, hopefully we'll see you!