Saturday, November 27, 2010

So we are really enjoying our thanksgiving weekend.
Quietest, most CHILL Thanksgiving we've had in a looong time.
Stayed in our pj's till noon, cooking up food and watching the Macy's day Thanksgiving parade,
 and reminiscing how  last year we watched it too...but in person!
that was awesome. And also spent some time touring Pennsylvania...
Naomi's face kills me in the above picture.

 The year before that we spent on George Washington's plantation on the Potomac river.

**special thanks Sarah for being a great butt model.**
 A must visit place.
I love George Washington.
We  think it would be cool  to somehow incorporate him
into naming a future child.... hmm somehow.
We adopted the Washington families motto and made it our own family's:
"Aspire to the Heavens"
I plan on painting it on wall in a future home.

What incredible Thanksgivings we've had.
Cache and I decided that that was not the last time we will spend Thanksgiving in NYC.
We love the parade. Especially the Rockettes.
This year was perfect too.
Spent with family at home.
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, christmas movie.
Too much food, threw it up all night.
Black Friday, christmas tree hunting.

Who woulda thunk last Thanksgiving as we ran up and down 5th Avenue in New York, 
that on the same day the next year,
we would have this li'l bobble head?
We sure didn't!

By the look on his face I think he mighta known....


Cher said...

that is one cute baby face. i love that grin.

Crystal and Billy said...

He's already growing up so face. Cute little baby face, yes.

Crystal and Billy said...

Ha - I meant, "growing up so fast." Oops....

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

His little smirk is so funny. I can't wait to hold that squishy little baby again.

Cindy Spratling said...

Don't change it Amie! Gage is perfect :)