Tuesday, November 2, 2010

cache's 1st five years:
(in hindsight I shoulda made a slideshow)


One week old:
 two weeks old:
4 months old:

somewhere six to twelve months: 

one years old:

18 months:
2 years old:

still 2 years old

Still two years old.  

And still 2 years.

3 yrs old:

still 3 years:

4 years:

Five years!

Cache our lives are so full because of you
full of joy.
(and pictures)

Happy Barfday...

Now onto your Birthday Celebrations:
We made you a castle cake because you're totally into Knights these days.

But we waited one day too long and suddenly you turned from a night to

But just for the party you said you were a "Ninja night"
And you still loved your cake.

But  you did not  love waiting to play with the guys on top of the cake.

All your cousins came to your party.
We decided to just do a family party this year,
but it was your biggest party yet!
Besides it was the first year of your LIFE that you had a single family member (besides me and dad and Nay) at your birthday.
special attention to the 3 boys in the middle... oh man they are serious.
 Behind the scenes of the party.... the cake makers:

What baby Gage did while the cake was being made.
Before the party.
 waiting to open presents ...
You asked to hold your brother for a picture.
You really really love him.
You are so loving to him and always planning your future with him.
Bunk beds
Soccer and you can't wait to pass down your favorite clothes to him.

phew Birthday post OVER.

We could NOT love you more.


Cindy Spratling said...

Amie, you are such a good mom. I am looking at the details of that cake thinking to myself how long that must have taken. But you knew it would be worth it to him, so you did it anyway. I hope I will do things like that even when i have 3 kids. Hmm, guess I better start doing it when I have 2 kids. Naomi's hair is so cute in piggies and she is so lucky to have such good brothers. My favorite pictures are the ones from when you lived in Provo. That was such a fun time, when we could come see you guys just 4 hours away and our worries were nothing compared to today. Oh the good old days. Well, see you soon!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

The castle cake looks so cute and fun! I really like it! Howcome you wrote Happy "barfday?" Was someone sick on his birthday? It is so sweet how much Cache loves his little brother.

Kara and Chant said...

That was the sweetest thing ever. He is such a sweet boy! Ainsley was asking about him just yesterday. That cake is incredible! You are amazing! I agree with the first comment, you are an amazing mom!

kri66 said...

Little Lou, oh what a superior cake maker you are! These skills have been innate since you were a wee little one in the BDA! HA love it! Cache looks a lot like your dad... don't know if people say that a lot but I see it as he gets older. So um, wanna hang out in a couple months? You may be gone but we are going to be in Boise during Christmas time. My parents are moving there and you will get to see me and be a little dork with me I dunno, not often enough, but more often! I can't wait to see your house it looks really cute, love your blue table in the kitchen! I am working on getting some pics posted of Halloween, because little boo was adorable and I was pretty cool too...wait till ya see my costume. I know I know I'll get them posted, sorry I just am not a BOA (blogoverachiever) like you are...sing it with me: Little Lou the BOA, had some pictures of each and every day, posted them up to the internet in a pretty way and that is how she became the BOA... doesn't really have a ring to it but it is true so I'll sing it anyways!