Sunday, September 13, 2009


Devin finished his second set of National boards today. Good job.
I'm making him some rice pudding as I type. Well, it's cooking I
should say.

Sweet sassy.. that boy has a lot on his plate.. BUT you know.. it
seems like everyone does. Really.. I'll keep my own dinner.

But anyway, here is long video for Grandmas and Grandpas...She
really started taking off today. Excuse the mess and annoying voice.
I would say it doesn't usually look this way, BUT... it does .

Before church, this morning, I was unloading the dishwasher. I always start with the silverware, so Naomi won't dump it all over the floor. She's like a shark waiting for me to open the dishwasher. She can sense it from anywhere in the house. Anyway.. after I emptied it, she took off with the silverware holder thing...


I finished up the rest of the kitchen and called her back...
She came wobbling around the corner and handed me the thing,
I looked inside... Just all the essentials you know.


The thing that really got me was where she had to go to get all these things: The comb is from Cache's bathroom, the feminine product from our bathroom, that is cache's breakfast spoon, she probably got from under the barstools and the car is from Cache's closet. I was also very impressed how she had them all in different compartments!


Cher said...

Please give "Nay Nay" hugs from cousin Cherisse. I really want to squeeze her. I miss you guys! There is a chance that we could move to Washington State in the next year or two....are you guys planning to be in Oregon? I need to start figuring things out now...

Anonymous said...

Filling the silverware holder is hilarious! She's a genius to have figured that all out!!

natalie spratling said...

She is a born organizer! Send her my way.