Friday, September 11, 2009

The hand-me-down rule:

you must wear each hand-me-down outfit(and all it's accessories) at least once.

sometimes having a little girl is JUST like playing dolls. Yep just like it. :)

Boys are fun too.
But usually they get more fun when they begin dressing themselves:


"I said.. don't--take--my.. PICTURE!"
p.s. Happy 29th anniversary Mom and Dad!


Cindy Spratling said...

haha cachers! your kids are hilarious!!!!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Naomi's outfit is so cute. I love here chubby little legs. It's strange to see Cache losing all his baby fat! Remember that tummy of his?

Amie Orton said...

i know, remember when Cache use to lead with his belly?! Now he's almost got a little six pack on him...

Whetton Family said...

Oh my! They are so cute! Naomi is getting so big! I especially love Cache's get-up. We went private on our blog, but I already had your email, so I just added you.

Zana said...

I love that blue swimsuit of Naomi's, so so cute. Come on over anytime:)

Cher said...

O my Cuteness! Naomi is so yummy. Cache, he reminds me of Dallin so much, his personality is hilarious! I love how he is threatening you as you are taking his picture. Ha! P.s. I can't find your new phone #. I've wanted to call you a few times, hope you are well.