Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Devin is back to school today... without a smile on.
Cache started pre-school this week too!
Devin doesn't get summer's off but he got a little 2-week break, to help him catch his breath.
4 days of his break were spent at day-long board reviews and then another 4 days of clinic shift,, BUT in the little time he DID have free, we got to have a few fun days.Thanks to generous friends, we spent a fun filled day and a few evenings swimming, canoeing, eating loads of ice cream(home made) and watching movies. Oh the kids had fun too. I don't know what they were doing.. we were having too much fun ;)
Devin also took me on a date to see Mary Poppins the Broadway production at the fox theater. Incredible.


Our little girl has also started walking. She is pretty proud.
Full of attitude this one. We love it.


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Farewell warm summer evenings....
I'm gonna miss you. A lot.


natalie spratling said...

I so love it when you post. I love all of the pictures. It makes your sweet little family seem closer, and since we are now going on 1 1/2 years since we have seen is just incredibly toooo long. We are planning on going to Oregon for Christmas. I hope you are as well. Good luck Devin with school, if you need help I'm sure Cache can give you smoe pointers. One last thing, love those baby bluse of Naomi's oh I just want to pinch those cheeks. Love you guys and miss you.

Cindy Spratling said...

Ooh, I love Naomi in the last picture. So gorgeous! So Cache is in preshcool now, what a BIG boy! Miss you tons!

The Stronks Family said...

How fun!!! Kyler started Preschool this week too. He loves it, except for the fact that he can't ride the bus like a big boy. Naomi is sweet. she is going to be a breath taker. Do you like that she is walking already? I wish that Brycen would start already...He totally could if he wanted to, he's just to lazy.

Unknown said...

I love Namoi's little belly! Too cute! I can't believe you have a child old enough to start preschool. I'm so behind:) You have a great family!