Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What "Provident Living" looks like:


You see...
Devin is a problem fixer. He specializes in fixing my problems. Last night the problem being not able to see Shawn Johnson dance the fox trot on"Dancing with the Stars." My solution to the problem by yelling at the TV and waving my hand at it: "NO! She's my favorite! you blasted bunny ears." I think our combined efforts were the real solution.

well anyway we were both laughing at the how Devin's solution added to the aesthetics of our living room. Devin, always the optimist, said: " I don't know Amie, if you step back and take in the whole room, you barely notice them at all." What do you guys think?
(We took them down after that.)
But no worries, we folded up the tin foil nicely for next time...

On a more serious thought, I was so grateful this general conference for the talk on Provident Living.. I loved every word and my favorite quote was how we need to strive to
"J O Y F U L L Y live with in our means."
Now,instead of looking at my couch and thinking that someday I'll have a prettier one, I can.. honestly say I NOW love my couch (that i traded my neighbor for that she bought at a garage sale years ago. ) I think i like it even more because of its rich History :) We also have completely let go of the notion of buying cable. We use to try to rationalize it every month.. maybe we should get it for the weather, or for general conference, etc, etc. Now we have decided to embrace our bunny ears (as pictured). At least for now on a student budget. I just love General conference.
We are given such simple advice, or commandments, that truly are the key to happiness in the lifetime. And I'm so thankful.


Cindy Spratling said...

Thanks Amie... I needed this reminder to be grateful for what we have, and to be happy about it. Amen! I think I just might take Devin's side on this one... they are hardly noticable :) And BTW, I love that couch in the picture. It's cute. I also love your big brown chair. You guys still have that, right?

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Hmm... I think they are pretty darn noticable! Ha! But I like them. I also like your curtians : ) Love you

Unknown said...

Wonderful!!!! We use bunny ears too! I will have to remember the foil for those troubled reception times!!! I really like your living room - it is simple -warm - colorful - and beautiful. Good Work.

natalie spratling said...

You could just pretend that it is Easter all year round- cute bunny ears. I love the reminder about living within our means. I love conference. It always makes be try a little harder to be a little better:)

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