Friday, March 14, 2008

Today I went to the Temple

Isn't the St. Louis Temple beautiful? When Devin and I lived in Utah, we often would make the comment, "We need to take advantage of temples being so close, because we never will be able to be so close to a temple again."

To our surprise when we moved to St. Louis, we now live even CLOSER to the temple than in Orem. Crazy? yes i think so, but so awesome. A blessing of living in the latter days and temples spotting the earth. So I got to go today. Devin and I switched off and he is there now. I came to a sparkling clean house...Devin is so good to me, it humbles me to the ground when I think about getting to be married to such a person. Well today there were more people in the temple than there were seats in the session, so when I got turned away, just like 20 others, I was the only one that started crying! I was so embarrassed. I'm not even sure why I was crying. This pregnancy I am just constantly crying. Well the temple worker saw me racing back to my locker to change (and hide my tears) and well long story short..they let me in.

I felt so dumb, but that really was the only session I could make that day or I was going to faint of hunger(literally), so I went in feeling dumb but grateful. Then I came home and the house was clean and smelling like lemon house cleaner(my favorite) and I started crying again.

Then I checked out the new church website and cried the whole time. Oh man. You'de think I would run out of tears, or kleenex! Pregnancy is so fun.


Cher said...

lol. I mean, sorry. I'm just laughing because it is so funny what pregnancy does to you. Horomonies are nuts!! At least crying gets you what you want:)

natalie spratling said...

jWe loved the St. Louis temple, it is so pretty. We drove around late one night when we were there and found it. Don't you just love pregnancy? How crazy things are for nine months gotta love it...but is all worth it when the little one arrives. hang in there Amie, just always have a box of tissues around, and you have a wonderful hubby to take care of you.

Cindy Spratling said...

I agree with Cherisse, at least crying gets you what you want. I really liked this post Amie. Ben is like Devin. Just when I least expect it, but need it the most, he does the kindest things. Especially when I'm pregnant :)

Cindy Spratling said...

and PS, the St. Louis temple looks amazing!