Friday, March 28, 2008

Snapshots of Easter in our little aparment

Cache got a little tie in his Easter basket. We almost skipped all Easter pictures because of all the snow! But I decided to snap a few before we ran out the door for church. I'm glad I did. I will retake more of Cache with Devin also in his new tie when the sun and flowers come out. I love my two handsome boys, but here is the smaller of the two.

This was our little Easter dinner that we were so proud of. We have two cooks in this house, so Devin and I argued a little over who's recipe to use, we settled on going our seperate ways. Devin did the Devil eggs and set the table and I did the mash potatoes and rolls and the meat did itself.(We used cindy's recipe). We picked up Ashley from the airport just before dinner! So we had several reasons to celebrate.

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natalie spratling said...

So fun to have Ashley come and visit. Love the pictures of Cache. We put them on our computer so we can see him all the time. He is so cute. We love you guys.