Friday, November 2, 2012

Cache turns 7. (Back in november!)

Favorite toy: Ninjago.
Favorite bedtime song: Godspeed -Dixie Chicks. (Have it playing on our blog right now.) It is our song from the day you came home from the hospital. :) You say, "Mom sing that song you always sing to me."
Teeth lost: 4
Favorite Scripture story: Helaman
Favorite sport: Soccer, football and you want to do gymnastics and snow board.
Favorite food: Soda, peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
Favorite book: Chronicles of Narnia. (Also favorite movie)
Favorite Color: Bronco Blue and Purple.  

Cache, your birthday was the first day of track break, so we got to celebrate all day.
Eagle island to hunt for, "America's biggest leaf." Also Geo caching aka treasure hunting. Beautiful fall day. You did not choose Eagle island, but I did because I wanted to spend a day in the Autumn leaves alone with my children. Your birthday is also the day I became a mother you know. That is life altering and very sacred to me and I wanted to enjoy you guys in a peaceful place.  Ah the quiet nature. It's my favorite way to enjoy you guys. So I was selfish in that one. We were the only people there. It was perfect.

Gage was trying to literally walk right into the lake. He does stuff like that. You love your little brother.

 Happy Meals for lunch. You choose that every birthday and YES you still call it, "Old McDonald's."

Evening: you chose bowling, arcade games and MONSTER Nachos to eat while we bowled!
A family that bowls together...

It was so so fun.
 Then home for presents and your Ninjago cake. That was it!  
Gage loves Ninjago too, except he says it: "ninjA... YAGOOOOOO!"
New boots! (From G. Dave and G. Colette.)
New book.

Cache you are just an awesome boy.
 You Love school. When I volunteered in your class, I had a group in front of me of 8 of your classmates.  When they found out I was your Mom, they all smiled and said how funny you were. That surprised me that even the girls seemed to like you. Besides your cousin Claire, you have been quite girl-a-phobic, so I'm glad to see you are being more open. Acknowledging that they are even alive is a big step.
Then one boy Brandon, he gave me the biggest toothless smile and said: "Ah man! I like Cache so much.   He's a really great guy." :) Then they all proceeded to tell me the things that Mrs. Kalkman gets after you for on a daily basis. (Talking in funny voices.) Cache you are a good boy. Rambunctious and high energy, but you are smart, want to be good and are very kind to other people. You are so so special to us. Happy birthday to our most special son. We are so lucky to call you ours. So lucky.

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Zana said...

I just read your comment & it's funny b/c you're actually is for 'their' summertime camping :) Last year James took the 4 girls about 4 times and we went once as a whole family & had thee coldest nonsleep night worrying about the boys ice cold hands. I accept that I'm an old cold wimp these days.
You are one beautiful mama, your blog pics are always a joy to look at, keep it up!!!