Monday, December 10, 2012

Afternoon with Naomi

Nay and I get to spend daily quality alone time while Cache is at school and Gage is napping all afternoon...
She is entertaining if nothing else. This is our conversation from this afternoon.

Nay- Can I watch a show?
Me- Yes if you help me clean the kitchen first.
Nay- Ugh..  then begins coloring her book.
....After about 10 minutes of me calling her away from her coloring book to help....
Me- Nay if you want to color, then go ahead and go into your room for quiet time early and color, OR you can help me clean the kitchen and then watch a show when you're done.
Nay- *ssssqeeal* Really!!!!!
Me- Nay I've been saying that for 10 minutes that shouldn't be a surprise to you.
Nay- *sssqeeeal* A surprise?! What is it?(Dancing, and twirling as we are talking.)
Me- There is no surprise crazy.(As I'm straightening magnets on the fridge)
Nay- (Runs over to look at the fridge) You got me a new magnet as a surprise?! Where?! I love magnets!
Me- Clean the kitchen or you'll get a spank. :)
She is now cleaning the kitchen. Still twirling and singing.

I guess it's hard to twirl and listen at the same time. :)

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