Monday, December 17, 2012

Somethings that made me laugh today.

It doesn't seem like I could ever forget, but I'm sure my future self will need reminding that Gage yells throughout grocery store. The entire way,  with wide giant eyes. Eye brows arched. So excited about ketchup, Mucky mouse!(pictures of him on raisins and cereal.)  And "Dandy dorn!" (Candy corn is what he calls all treats he sees.)  He is over the top excited about every single thing he sees and I have a blast shopping with him, but am zapped of energy by the end.

After about 1.5 hous of yelling in the store, we got home and  he started whispering.
Me: "Gage do NOT touch those eggs mister."
Gage: whispering as he walked away and shaking his head : doan tusha egg,  doan tusha egg doan tusha egg. I almost fell off my own feet with laughter. Love him.

Today Naomi is watching the Tinkerbell movie on Netflix.  This is her first time ever seeing it or anything fairy really.  After a lunch break, she was clearing her dishes,
Me: Nay do you like that Tinkerbell movie?
Nay: She stared at the t.v and said "Yes I love it very very much. With my whole heart." 
(I think she has been hanging around her cousin Krista a bit much?)
Love love sweet girls.

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