Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Prayer

Gage is super irreverent each morning and evening and meal time or anytime a group is praying together.  We are working on it.
He has just barely begun actually staying in the same room. Usually he bolts as soon as the prayer starts. Now that he actually stays in the room it's like he's finally even realize that there is a prayer occurring or that something is happening. Last week he started folding his arms and to encourage him, often from across the circle or table one if us is silently cheering for him giving him a thumbs up or something.
So the past couple days we have moved onto behaving during a prayer like we would without a crazy child. We bow our heads and close our eyes. Or I should say we try.  As soon as we do this he yells:
We politely try to ignore him but then he has to get up and slap us on the leg or get right in our face so that he is actually slobbering on our nose. Daddy WAAAKE UP!
It is too much.

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