Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oregon Summer- Pendleton edition

We got to travel to my hometown quite a few times this summer.
Unfornately many of the times these trips were prompted by funerals of close friends or their loved ones.
My heart hurts for them.  Some neat, sobering conversations that I had, re-taught me the fact, that even though we believe differently, these people are loved no differently than me and are being taken care of by their Heavenly Father.  So hard though still to see their hurt.
 Devin was left behind with each trip.  Sad to leave him by his lonesome,
but he gets more done when we are gone!   I like this guy quite a bit.  Hard to drive away  
but oh man, do we LOVE coming home to him.
I love this boy!  And he loves his moon pies at the gas station.
This sight is always so exciting.
Morning jogs put me at peace.
Those trees in the distant were my childhood friend Cyd's house.
Sam and Joe are pretty perfect Uncles for my boy that has no older brothers.
View out the kitchen window.
Yes these Uncles are loved. Or is it the other way around?

My little sister Sarah and her Danny boy drove out to my parents every single day we were
home.  I love my sister.
My dad gladly took hold of my idea to build a mini picnic table and walked me through it.
All of his highschool shop skills are pretty well still in place.
Loved it!  
After it turned out so well we made future wood building plans for when the farm work slows down... Next early summer? 
Tyler and Allison came out to play for a WHOLE day! (These two are my cousins.)
Cache and Nay adore them and drool over everything they say and do. Naomi gets all glassy eyed and smiley when Ali's around. She looks up at her just stares and smiles.  It's pretty cute.
Showing that Spratling blood is strong in their veins.  The urge to Dog pile must be genetic. I have pictures of my uncles doing this and memories of me and my cousins dog piling at every family gathering.
I can't explain it. Just something that happens every time.
They had a blast running free on the farm.  I think they ran all day.  We lured them in with popcorn and a movie to dry off before the day was done.

Uncle Joe plays Rugby.
Cache showing off his mystery barn wound. He refuses to tell me how this happened.
He and T were playing in the barn, I heard the loudest BANG and screaming. Ran like only a crazy mama would.  Bloody face, but fine.  When I ask him what happened, he just shakes his head. Meaning leave me alone. 

Grandpa making them do his work.

Old man Joe leaving for his game. I love this kid!

Last trip home for HARVEST!

Great early morning conversation with Dad.

"Joe lets me dump it."

Little girl. Big truck.
We deliver lunches every morning and milkshakes every afternoon.
Gage thought it was so neat to sit like a big kid. Don't worry you crazy mama's out there, it was only through fields and a much safer option than in the back of the truck right? Oh the dangers I lived through  as a child.... 

Cache's second year of being old enough to go out for the day.  He even gets his own packed lunch, which is his favorite part.  Grandma Colette always gives him the old tin Yogi lunch box.
Then my dad each year sees it and says:
 "That was my brother Jay's lunch box at harvest when he was a little boy."
And then I always say "oh cool!" Like I've never heard it before. :)
How many Spratlings does it take to fix a broken lug nut?
Uncle Jay is missed. Strange not to see standing there when I drive up to the field.
I wonder if he got to pop in for a day or two. He loved harvest.
My grandma's brother came up from AZ to help with harvest. He told me one day as we brought out shakes, that 50 years ago when he was a young gun and working harvest for the Spratlings, milkshakes were served every day too.  Love Uncle Loyd.

Gage throwin a fit because he wants to ride in the back of the truck.  
Grandma Colette's watermelon line up.  
Harvest sun pooped out this guy daily.
New house means new accessories for this guy. He wore this around every day.
Not a bad idea considering his siblings.. and cousin Danny ;)
More morning Jogs with my sis Ash. Home in the background.
One day Grandma and Grandpa Orton brought a slew of Orton cousins over to Pendleton to swim.
I love that all Grandpa Orton has to do is lay in the grass and grandkids gather. 
I have lucky, lucky children. 
And that's it! Oregon Summers: Pendleton edition OVER.


Suze said...

what a dreamy summer. absolutely gorgeous. what a wonderful time you must have had with your kids and your family.

your kids are too cute. I loving seeing Cache getting older but being so awesome- what a sweet boy!

Cindy Spratling said...

It's official. I am starting NOW to save enough cash so we can fly to Oregon next summer and just be there. No time limit, no reason, no scehdule. Just BE in Pendleton. Done. Oh look... I just found a dime by the computer. It's a sign. Sooooo excited!

nelly said...

Hey Amie. Long time reader, first time commenter. :) Uncle Lloyd is my dad. Isn't he the best?! He was so excited to come and help with harvest. I think you and your family are so cute.