Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Father's day was in June. Here is what I remember from it.
The kids and I made our 2nd annual Father's day interview video the day before.
When asked: How tall is Daddy?
This picture was Naomi's answer:
 Cache said 10ft tall. :)
Got up to make breakfast and try to hurry to pull of breakfast in bed before Devin got out of bed.  But, the Bishop was quicker than I with a phone call asking if he could come over ... um now? New calling for Devin. Happy Father's day! (Glad it wasn't me!)
So after that, he ate cold breakfast, but Devin didn't mind. 
He is such a sweet and easy man.
 He didn't even get much of his cold breakfast.  Gage decided he needed a second breakfast while Daddy  paused to open Cache's handmade gifts.
He ate the rest of his daddy's meal, talking and smiling and saying "yum Daddy!"
Devin opened this gift below and said "YES! I won!"
Funny guy.
Kind of a wild morning!

Answers are Cache and then Naomi, respectively. 
 In a few years it will be fun to compare answers over the years.

1. How Old is Daddy? 24, 3 (holds up 3 fingers)
2.How much does daddy weigh? 142lbs,  10 (holds up 10 fingers)
3.How tall is dad? 10feet!, Naomi holds her hands about shoulder distance apart.
4. What color is Dad's hair?brown and black (both Nay and Cache agreed on this answer)
5.What color are dad's eyes? greenish blue, blue
6.What does daddy to to relax? lay on the couch,does computer
7.What does daddy like to wear?  sunday clothes, work clothes
8.What does daddy like to cook? rice, cookies
9. What is his favorite chore?go to work, clean up
10.What is his favorite tv show? Funniest home Vidoes, The same as yours mommy. Puss and boots cuz it has a boy in it
11. What is his favorite song? I am a child of God, I am a Child of God
12. What does daddy always tell you? I love you, That I have to be nice to my brother's.
13. What makes dad happy? Doing work, Make him laugh by doing this (flicked herself in her face)
14. if he could go on a trip where would he go? Brazil, Hawaii
15 And he would take?Me,  Salad, Cache and ME and Krista!
16. I really love when my dad___.  when he says I love you, Takes me onto trips
17. What is Dad's favorite color? Purple! Just kidding GREEN,  He told me his favorite color is Blue

We are so blessed to have Devin as the Father of our home.

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