Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today on the way to school Cache and Nay were fighting over if there was such thing as "Vampower Beavers."  (Vimpires)  Naomi was insisting she saw one.

Discussing Nay's birthday cake next month:  How about a big pink cake with sprinkles Naomi?
"Yes and a horsie on top with a star and big bloody bloody eyeball."

Looking for Naomi and calling her name when she wasn't in her bed. I hear a voice coming from my room:  "Hurry somebody say: Do pillows have feets?"
So I say it and out pops two little fit from the inside of my pillow! haha.  Then the rest of her came crawling out.
Me: "Gage lets go get in the car!"
Gage: "Oh hat" runs round till he finds it, hurridly puts it on and walks outside to get in the car.

 He's always reading in the car. 
 Naomi says to me when she was done: "Mommy isn't she so so cute!"
I love how confident and proud she is of herself.  So healthy. I am learning from her.

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