Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No mine

 I noticed throughout the day amist the hullabaloo that Gage had this little knight guy in his fist.
 I took this picture when I went to check on him.
It was after midnight. 
Still iron grip on the knight.
It was then that my mind slowed down enough to realize, he has been holding this all the live long day!
I tried to take it from his hand and in his sleep he jerked his arm away from me and said:
OH Gage has also developed a love for a second blankie. 
This one being a big comforter.  He thinks needs both now.
Makes it real interesting when he is crying and I'm trying to hold this huge LUG of a kid and then his blanket and now this GIANT comforter too, usually a few cars or tractor and his binky in the mix too.

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