Thursday, May 31, 2012


We had such a great Memorial weekend.  Friday we went on a mini vacation to McCall.
It was rainy, calm, beautiful. 

Most all my pictures are instagram(phone pics) So blurry and grainy but get the job done.

We took it easy. Checked out the area by car and foot.
Cache chased deer and laughed like a crazy man.

Look Ben and Cindy! Freely flowing water! :) 
 Move here!

Warmed up in our hotel, swam and watched Star Wars with Cache for the first time.

 Saturday we drove around the Lake, found a beach.  Not a soul in site.  Gage walked straight into the frreezing lake with clothes, coat & shoes on.

 Engagement pose!

Devin took Naomi on a walk down the beach and I guess they were talking and Devin told her: 
"Naomi its so nice and quiet, you can feel the Holy Ghost here."
Naomi said: 
"I know what the Holy ghost smells like!"
Devin: "You do?"
Naomi: "Yes, it smells like yogurt."
She told me the same thing when they got back.

I'll have you know I fixed Naomi's hair in a Palm tree and didn't touch it again for two days.
And I braided my hair and wore Devin's clothes all weekend.  It was just that kinda chilaxed weekend.
 Icecream Alley lived up to everyone's recommendations.
Favorite part of the trip maybe.

Cache grabbed my phone and I was perturbed but I ended up really liking these pictures because he caught us interacting instead of posing. Well we posed once we knew he was taking pictures. But anyway. I just like them. It's a view of us that I don't get to see  :) 

Enough Cache!
Refreshing little overnighter.
 We decided we need to do some more mini vacations. They are good for our happiness.

Saturday date night.  I made Devin shop for himself.
 Sushi, Skor bars and Mission impossible III at home were Devin's choice to help recover him from the torture I put him through at the mall.

Sunday: Devin brought me a random breakfast in bed. He has some new omelet skills.
I guess I was a good date ;)

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Cindy Spratling said...

Such a good update. I am experiencing a strange emotion right now... like I kinda want to punch the couch or something because it's devil hot here and that freely flowing water (which you dedicated to us) is my DREAM right now. i don't know why i want to punch the couch, weird, but I do. We are wishing for green so bad right now. Plus, you have inspired us to take a mini vacay! It's already in the works. Love you lots.