Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sometimes the littlest things jump out and smack me right in the heart. 
Then something little whispers that my seemingly normal little life is not so ordinary at all 
but oh so very, very special.
A dream come true.
A dream that maybe has been in the works for longer than time.
Something I hoped and yearned for before I even was born.
It's hard to explain but that's the best I can do.
Today.  In the early morning light,, it was these little clothes.
Set out the night before to avoid the chaos of finding missing shoes and the discovery that last Sunday's spaghetti is still on dress pants.
Just happen to be matching today but it wasn't the matching that grabbed me.
It was the littleness of the baby's shirt.  It was Cache's boots and shoulders that fit in that bigger shirt.
Naomi twirling and smiling in her dress.
It was as if all 3 of them were standing there, still, and smiling at me as I woke up.
(Even though it was just their clothes.) And saying with their smiling eyes: 
"We're finally here. With you.
In a family. On earth.
Remember when you use to try to imagine what we would look and be like?
Now we are here."
It was a very special little moment I had.

Then I heard squealing(nice way of saying screaming) and walked out to the living room.
This scene made me nearly as happy.
A beautiful kind of crazy we've created around here.


Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful sentiment. what a heavenly moment!

Karli said...

You always have the most beautiful perspective and a great way of putting it into words. Thanks for sharing that moment and reminding me to look for those sacred moments that remind us as mommies that this is what we wanted more than anything, ever. You are a most beautiful individual.

natalie spratling said...

oh your post made me smile...I remember the same feeling pulling at my heart strings 15 years ago when we were hanging up the kiddos laundry in our Midvale home...three little premie dresses, and parkers size 24 month church outfit...more like a 3T. Oh those memories are inprinted on our hearts forever. You remind me of memories gone past and to relish in them. Love you Amie and sure miss you guys.