Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waking us up in the morning by the sound of a chair screeeeching across the kitchen. First to get the cereal, then screeeching to the cupboard to get herself a pink bowl, then SLAM of the fridge tells us Naomi is about to pour her own milk.  Moment of decisicsion.. is mopping the kitchen floor later worth staying in bed?  Then if by chance Cache joins her, there are pb sandwhiches made and cartoons playing before the sun even rises. (he'll make one for him and his brother but NOT Naomi until she demands it.)
 A few times lately I woke up to ALL 3 kids watching cartoons and eating sandwhiches!
 When they saw me they proudly announced: "Mom Gagey wanted to watch tartoons too so we got him."   
ME: WHAT? HOW did you get that lug out his crib?
Then they really beamed:  "We used team work!"
So scary.
But yes our kids could survive on there own.

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