Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life lately
One request for them to "keep their eye out of Quinoa" and they took the job
very seriously.

Library day. Cache makes sure Gage is safe in the parking lot by carrying him.
Gage loves it. No not really.
Lots of park time.  Sawyer taught/inspired tree climbing in my children.
Thanks a lot Sawyer, now I have something more to fret and fuss about. :)

Gage's hat for the day. Cried when it would fall off.
What  a looong day that was.
Out and about.  Friday night swims.
Men don't cry. Even over onions.
Trail running date.  Hulls Gulch. In the Boise foothills somewhere.

 I love this face.

To remember:  Devin convinced me  that the hot green chiles at dinner were Okra. (Which I love so I popped in a mouth full.) The name of the restaurant is "The Green Chile." It was painful.  I'm so smart. 
A picture just for my dad.  ( He hates kissing pictures!)

 Kneeling down.  
Naomi: *Gasp*
I look up.
Naomi: "I need to pray like this now."
I fall off the bed laughing.
Naomi shocked at my reaction and tears start welling up in her eyes.
Me: "Oh no sorry Nay. Go ahead.  I just dropped my phone and had to get it."
Pick up phone and take picture.
Saturday soccer with cousins.
We are not sure if she will follow in her brother's and parents love for sports yet... :)
So far Dance is her thing.
She's a quick little runner.  Devin's always called her flit foot because she light on her toes and fast,
but only when she wants too.  So far that's only if her brother has taken something of hers. 
Otherwise...She'd rather sit on her pink princess ball than run for fun. :)
I'm fine with that.  Devin ... refuses to accept this.

Krispy Kreme!
Reward for being patient with Mom and Dad as we tried to accomplish "An office in a day."
Actually it was another last minute tactic to keep them calm while we still had lots of work left to do and it was waay past bedtime and needed them to be happy. :)  They believed the first story.
Naomi: sprinkles of course.
Cache chocolate as chocolate can get. Inside and out.
Gage: Mama picks him the least messy one.

 Devin's office so far after that one long day.

A glimpse of what life is like with Naomi:

That about does it.

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Jenni said...

just stopped by & my goodness these pictures are hilarious. LOVe the prayer picture! how sweet/funny is that?! and the itty bitty hat is just too much! My little girl is going through a stage where she gets frustrated when things don't go just her way...very similar to the hat scenario. love it! Im glad I saw these! they made my day!