Monday, May 14, 2012

BYU Women's conference 2012

 Every year BYU holds a conference just for women.  I've never been.  
Some of us Orton girls decided to make the trek and have a girls weekend.
WOW.  That was worth it.

I loved seeing all the women together having fun. Favorite memory:
Two little old white haired ladies sitting on campus taking a break.
Two other women walked by with matching dresses.
The old women were impressed and said "oh why didn't we think of that?"
"Next year, next year.  Well maybe hats. Yes matching hats? That's what we'll do."
I thought it was the cutest thing. Two darling old friends.
 2 days of classes and an amazing concert. We stayed at Devin's sister's house in Lehi.
It just had a good, child free, all girls weekend. Lovely.
 Some of my favorite words from different talks that weekend:
"Children need and want strong parents."
"Both abundance and poverty can exist in our lives simulatneously. It is up to us whihc garden we will tend to.  ( Perspective is everything.  If you look at your life with thankfullness you will see the riches, the same person can look at the same life and see poverty and dispair.)
If a man say he loveth God and hateth his brother.  He(or she) is a liar.
Play hard
Work hard.
It is better to dig a hole and fill it up than to do nothing at all.
Be patient with yourself
You are closer to heaven than you suppose.

"Swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath."
Let kindess permeate your words.
"In her tounge was the law of kindness."
Be constructive in all things you say to a child.
One virtuous woman, lead by the spirit can change the world.
 Never judge yesterday's mistakes on today's knowledge.

I took another class on being "Safe haven for your spouse."
It was soooo crazy good.  And was all about building trust in a relationship.
So wonderful.  I just couldn't wait to come home an be better!
We also participated in a service project together. That was fun serving together and they had all these booths of awesome ideas for your home to enrich love and life and organization.
All just so great.
We stopped by the hall of fame to show Julie that... she was in the hall of fame.
Ha she didn't know!  Her cross country team was the first BYU team to win nationals.
Pretty awesome.

I missed this husband of mine.
He survived 4 days alone with the kids.
I should say... they survived.
He somehow juggled meetings, presentations etc.
Next time I just won't ask how he pulled it off. It's better for me not to know.
We made it aaall the way back to Oregon to see my brother Ben who was visiting from 
AZ.  The farm got a new gator... lots of fun.
They were suppose to take turns on Grampa's lap but Gage insisted he get every turn. :)
Grandpa has a soft spot for him.  He rode all after noon yelling "WEEEE!"
Ben took me out on a ride. 
Still as crazy as a driver as he was when we were just kids trying to jump the gravel pits behind the shop, rolling the the 4 wheeler.
Loved being with Ben back home again.

Sunday we made stopped in La Grande to listen to Devin's dad speak at stake conference.  He has been stake President for 8 years or so and we hadn't hear him speak!  It was awesome.
Wow whatta weekend. That was.
The end


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Women's Conference sounded so amazing. I want to do that when my kids are bigger. Everything about Gage makes me laugh. He was cracking me up on the gator that weekend. Anytime it took of without him he would sit on the bench and whimper until it came back.

Oh and the super hero pictures down below made me laugh so hard! Can't wait to show them to Danny!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...
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Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Sorry that was me again that deleted a comment. I get impatient and click the "publish your comment" button more than once. Hope you are having a great week!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Sorry that was me again that deleted a comment. I get impatient and click the "publish your comment" button more than once. Hope you are having a great week!