Monday, March 5, 2012


2 Minutes after he finished his lunch and everyone elses crusts....
(Including his Pre -lunch of beans and bananas.)

I tried to put it away but he held onto it with his dear chubby life.
 Did I mention he's the baby and
gets his way?

This mama can't resist giving in to
anyone that can smile so big that their molars show..


Zana said...

I know of a few good rascals myself and being the baby does make a difference...lucky little guy!
Let's just point out that your family picture down below was fAbulous & remember no one is noticing what the kids or hubby is wearing, just the fact that the mom looks so stinkin' adorable! So don't give me this mumbo jumbo about nap hair and puffy eyes, that picture rocked b/c of you. Now, may I borrow your body?

Heather said...

hahahaha What a cutie. Love the pictures, Amie!!!

Ashley said...

Bread is one of my favorite snacks, too! What a cutie... Seriously, you have some dang cute kids, Amie. What a lucky girl you are.

Bri Nelson said...

I love it!!!

sillynicolegirl said...

Oh my gosh, this reminds me so much of Macy. She has turned into such a BIG eater and is very territorial of her food :) It's so funny. Gage is too cute and that smile is going to be his out for a lot!!! I have been wanting so bad to talk to you lately but I never know whether to e-mail, blog, text, facebook....Call?? I never do that, it's too loud! and when it's quiet, im usually feeding myself and actually enjoying my bites! I keep thinking of you and what an amazing mother you are. I need your wisdom and mommy advice! I wish we could just sit together and sip tea while the little tornados go crazy around us. Ahhh,,,,I just miss you dear friend. On another note, I noticed you are going to Tahiti this summer? WE are going next month! What a ko-ink-ki-dink! Will and I have been planning and saving for a long time to go for our 5 year anniversary! Can't wait to swap stories with you. OK, gotta go eat :) xoxoxo

One mom said...

He might be a rascal, but he sure is cute! Fun memories.