Sunday, March 4, 2012


In 1st grade I won the biggest candy cane I've seen even still to this day.  (It took me a month to eat it.)
In high school, I lucked out and was assigned to be housed by the Orton family during an honor choir trip. Just happened to be the home of "The La Grande boy." I didn't know his name, but I had been swooning over him since age 13 when I first saw him go head to head with my older bro in highjump.  I couldn't believe fate brought me to that house.  Before that weekend was over, Devin got my phone number, then prom, first kiss and a few years down the road a happy marriage to my dream boy.
Lucky Girl.

Turns out my luck hasn't totally run out.
Tonight we headed down to river to take a self timer family portrait.
As I was fumbling with the tri-pod and high heeled boots on the river rocks trying to keep three kids out
 of the river.....
A young guy ran up and offered to take our picture.
turns out he is not just a nice guy but THIS guy.
Um only the awesomest professional photographer ever.
Now I cannot stop kicking myself for not just letting him take pictures till the sun went down.
I felt bad for keeping him away from his fam and even though he offered to do more, I said "Oh that's
 okay."  (Even though about 5 other family poses were going through my brain that I wanted him to try.)  
Seriously,  KICKing my own backside.  

From tonight I have learned:
1. Seize an opportunity when it comes. Let people help you.  
2.  Give away your talents.  Come ON.  How nice was he?  Nate Perks you're building some serious Karma.
3.  Never take a nap before pictures. ( I totally have puffy nap face and hair.)  And Amie just take a second and put matching socks on your kids.
4. Holy moly do I need to learn to use my camera.  He did this with my camera?  My pics dont' even look this good after editing.  And this pic... no editing whatsoever. I will read the manual tomorrow. - No I won't.  But I should! 
Also, if you look at HIS pics he's taken with his camera, yeah.  He probably wouldn't even claim this picture. 

Anway, I am so so grateful and will go down in my Amie hall of fame as one of my luckiest moments ever.
And when we can afford it, I will be hiring him for all future events.  Not just cause he's awesome, but 
generous.  And I like that. No I love that.  Absolutely love that.


Natalie said...

Love it!!!!!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

That's just crazy that you had someone so amazing taking your pictures when you didn't even know it. That picture is sooooooooo cute!

Ben said...
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Ben said...

That's awesome about the photographer dude. You forgot to mention who won the head to head high jump contest. And every one thereafter. Booyah, Devin!

Heather said...

Wow that picture is seriously awesome. What a cute family!!!

Kendra said...

What LUCK! Seriously! That is so awesome...oh and I found you and will stalk you! ha ha ha...all of your pictures are amazing! if you want, you can check out my blog...way less professional looking, but fun none the less!

Unknown said...

So lucky! This picture is amazing. You look so cute and I love your outfit!