Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today we was super great.
for the first time since...last September,  it was just me and the kids, at home. AND an extra bonus no school for Cache!  It was sooo strange to sleep in, shower whenever we felt like it, and then do whatever we wanted before 4:30pm.

So we didn't plan anything but ended up doing a ton just meandering around town/home.

Me and the baby slept waaaay in.  I at 7 I pre-poured Nay and CAche a giant bowl of thier favorite Kashi and went back to bed.

The kids watched cartoons all morning.  They were in heaven.  I figured, they've gotta have one nag free day too don't you think?
Then before lunch they dressed and made beds.  Great jammie morning of cereal and cartoons and sleep.
And it rained so really it couldn't get any better for me. I love rainy days.

Lunch with Devin and home, then he took us all to the library.
After lunch dropped Devin off at work:

D&B to see all the baby chicks and play with toy tractors.
Bought a magnifying glass to search for bugs in the yard.
Snack time.
Found some tennis courts and played Tennis.  It was so fun.  Cache is hilarious to play tennis with, mostly because he thinks everything is so funny and he gets so excited he runs crazy all over the place and keeps score which he is serious about but makes no sense at all.
Naomi and Gage were the ball babies and ran all over the place retrieving balls and rollins in puddles.  Why not?

Next stop Pet smart - spent over an hour looking at pets and watching the doggies get haircuts and baths.
 Now we are home.  Making dinner and watching wonder pets. Next stop a school open house that hopefully CAche gets into.

Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot but for us it was a ton.  And it was just so so strange to not be watching the clock worried when we had to get home, stressing about a clean house because parents could show up anytime etc etc.  I just enjoyed my kids fully.  I made it a point to not take pictures so I wouldn't miss a moment with them.  Now we'll have to do it all again and I'll take pictures because they're were so many cute moments.

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