Friday, November 18, 2011

Most of the day I walk around the house, constantly picking up. I do mean constantly.  This causes me to get frustrated at the things these little people that live here are leaving behind.  Especially the trails of the one we call Naomi.  But somedays, I eat just the right thing for breakfast  and on those days, I walk around laughing all day.
 She was working so hard at the table with a marker and notepad.
Yelled at the baby who was buckled across the room in his highchair.
"Don't touch me peeepo!"(paper)
Later, I noticed that every single cupboard and door were labeled.
For some reason this task was very important in her mind.
I wonder if God laughs at us when we think certain tasks are super dooper important and he knows they are pointless.
This next suprise in the fruit basket got me right in the funny bone:
Gage isn't to be left out. Daily I put on my rainboots to check the mail, only to have to take them off and empty out cars,
rocks, cheerios and whatever else he thinks belong in rainboots.
This Thanksgiving I will be thankful that my life is full of surprises.
Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

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natalie spratling said...

What a great reminder. Sure love you Amie and your positive outlook. Have a super-dooper thanksgiving. So grateful for a niece that blogs so frequently so I have something to read and am able to share in her life. Sure love you guys. So grateful to be apart of such a great family:)