Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I love being a Pit stop

 So I sorta avoid posts about friends because I don't want anyone to think I'm rubbing my friendship in someone else's face.  But these days our time with dear friends comes far and few in between and so it's such a treat when it comes. 
 Brodericks came through town.   Yay for house guests!
The kids took no time at all, and warmed right back up to where they left off in St Louis....
Today in Idaho:
I couldn't believe when the next morning they came running out just like this.  
Superman and Batman. Just like old days.  Cache hasn't been Superman since we left.
Cache use to call these guys his brothers.  He thought they were!
Now Cache and Sky each have real brothers. I got to meet new baby Kien.
It is very convenient that our 3 children are twin ages and gender. I didn't get pictures of the two baby boys together because they were both sick and slept a lot.
When we all graduated. These baby girls were calling each other: "Nay Nay" and "La La."
Weren't they so cute?
Naomi pointing with her li'l finger...
Still cute today in Idaho with their babies and coloring.
 Some of our last days in "The Hood."
On these streets and in these houses, friends became family.
There is something so comfortable about old friends.
I certainly met some choice friends in St. Louis.  Summer is one of them.  One of those people that has influenced my life so much just by meeting her.  Watching the way these girls(both my nieghbors.) approached life made me realize that I had not been tasting all the goodness life had to offer.  There was so much more of real substance found in nature, in food, in literature and in relationships.  They enriched my life in every way!  Someone above knew I needed to meet Summer.   A pure soul.  A true friend.  Because of her I make homemade soups, I employ essential oils when kids are sick, I play dress up with my kids, I make homemade salad dressings and relish in whole foods.  Because of her I read my children novels that are full of people with character and integrity.  I try harder to be like her and never say a negative word about another.(Key word is try.)   I always felt so safe being her friend.
I try harder to forgive, like she does.   Dinner has become a daily priority, a token of love to welcome home my hard working husband, and let us all be nourished by good healthy food, and calm family time to be enriched both body and spirit. If I tried till the day I die, (and I will), I still will not be as good as a friend as this gal, a builder, constantly giving sincere compliments and encouragement. Seeing only the good in people and focusing on it.  I could go on and on.  Her influence has been such a blessing to our home, to my soul.
 LUCKY YOU, the next person who gets her as a neighbor down in AZ.
And lucky for us to be a pit stop and enjoy the Brodericks for a night.


MegRich said...

Aw, how fun! Where in AZ are they moving? I would love to be her neighbor, as I would yours! :)

Cindy Spratling said...

Amie, you are so beautiful inside and out. So yah, where in AZ? I would love to personally welcome her to my home state :) This world needs more people like Summer. And you!

nelly said...

I was wondering where too.

BTW I'm your cousin. I'm Bethany's sister. I love reading your blog. I love my Spratling cousins!

Michelle Rossell said...

amie, i miss you so much!! i dont know if you read these comments but yours is one of the only blogs i follow. i LOVE reading the way you appreciate life and your little kids full of personality! i enjoyed what you said about your friend summer and want you to know you are that kind of person as well. :) i always think about hwo i wish i could still be around you. you crack me up and are still such a genuine, sincere person. knowing when to laugh and when to be serious. this is a gift. anyway, hope you know how amazing you are as well!!!

Crystal Hunter said...

Beautiful picture of you two. Come back to STL! We miss you both!