Monday, November 28, 2011


He's all growed up.
Getting his Eagle scout and huggin his mommy.
I'm proud of my little brother. He is such a good, happy boy, man!
Joey needed a last minute picture for the year book.
I would never take someone's senior pics. That would kill me.
He needs to have them taken by THIS girl.  (She is from Baker and amazing!)

We took these in my parents yard.
Even though they are super fuzzy, I like em. Handsome Joe.

Hawaii pictures coming soon. 
 I took 906 of them. WATCH OUT.


Cindy Spratling said...

Sooooo handsome! I'm so lucky to have caught one of the Spratling boys. Good genes!!!!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I really like them! Lookin' good Joe face!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh and Amie, I think they are really nice pictures, and he doesn't need retakes : )! Carly's pictures are amazing though.

The Brownies said...

cant wait!!!!!

natalie spratling said...

you did a fabulous job Amie:) Can't wait to see the Hawaii pictures

DancELation said...

Wow!-tell Joe to lay low till his Mission-he's a handsome hunk! You did a great job Amie-you have a great eye for pics! Can't wait to hear about Hawaii