Saturday, November 19, 2011

After an outing last night, I went to check on the sleeping little ones.
Found this on Cache's door.
Isn't that nice of him to draw a picture of his sister?  
Even if he did circle it and draw an X through her face.
Every time she nears his room today he points at the sign.
"NO Naomi's aloud."  He is not joking.
He is also not joking about his outfit choice to for the air plane:
I can't figure out where he found this shirt!  But he keeps it on a hanger and has been saving it just for this trip.  I've tried to get rid of it 2 times and he spotted it both times in the give away pile.
I am sorta glad he did.  I laugh everytime I look at him.
Also of note, this is the only thing he is bringing in his nap sack for a 6 hour plane ride.

This will help him he says to know which animals in the sea to play with and which ones to run from.

They are either funnier these past couple days or maaaybe I might just be in a good mood heaven knows why....

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Tait said...

Dorian wrote in permanent marker on the back of the door No mom allowed. ..there is a no and a picture of a girl with a line through it..he was mad at me that day. I laughed when I found it and won't paint over it. Kids are funny about their signs. love it.