Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Cache graduated from pre-school!
(yes Cindy I'm still using your term.)I can't help it, I think it's funny, 
I want to be just like you and I sometimes forget how to spell the real word.)
Actually most of the graduation he looked like this:
It's his new nervous face or somethin. 
Devin and I can't figure it out, but he makes it a lot.
On the way there, Cache told me his tummy hurts, so we probably should just go home.
I knew it was just nerves. I hate that he feels that! 
Growing up.

Naomi has not reached the nervous stage yet.
Still going about life very confidently.
Had herself a lovely time and never moved from this seat.
NOT normal.

This is Naomi's "purple princess" Grandma found it for her in her storage room.
(Grandma actually made this too.)
She wore this dress for 2 straight weeks.
It is after all her first princess dress. 
(Besides her pillow case which is what she used before.)
She would have me lay it out on her dresser each night,  and I had to promise her that Princesses don't sleep in their dresses.  It was hard to keep clean, but I was just relieved to find a cure for her chronic Nakedness!

But old habits are hard to break.
She was suppose to be in quiet time.
When asked WHAT does she think she is doing?
She pouted and replied: "But Mooom I dust firsty."
And then when asked where her clothes went:
She scratched her tummy and said: "Oh. I dust sweaty."
Anyway. This is about Cache.
His graduating class: (note the face again)

  And not to be forgotten
Are sweet little one.
This picture pretty much sums up his life.
Gage sitting contently while life whirls around him.
love this giant baby.
Cache is over the top ready to start kindergarten!
I'm nervous, but what can you do?
He is ready.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Cache's nervous face is so sweet. Everything about Naomi makes me laugh. Gage is probably one of the sweetest spirited babies I've ever known. Cant wait o see you all on Friday!

Kara and Chant said...

So fun for them! Cache will do great in Kindergarten! I am nervous for Ainsley to start because she is such a small fry! Gage is adorable! Cracks me up that Naomi is always naked. We never went through that with any of our kids. I think it's funny!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to sweet Cache!