Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cache requested Gage get a front row seat this  morning.
He rode circles for 45 minutes.
He is still at it.
Most of the time he is making his own race car sound effects too.
He did pop in for a minute to report a raindrop hit his eyeball which made him crash into the garage door. Then he ran back to his room and came back with his helmet on.  But before he went back out
I wish you could all hear Cache  say to me with his slight lisp that shows up with his S's (kinda like gopher off of whinnie the pooh):
"Mom what happens when I turn sseven?"
I don't know. What do you mean?
"Well what will HAPPEN when I turn SSeven?
Like will Dad get more whisssker's or sssomethin?"

By the way.
Cache is graduating from pre-school this morning.
As part of the program he will be presenting the letters: D, L and T.
I kinda wish he was assigned S.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh I miss Cache so much. He is so funny. I can't wait to see you guys again. I love his lisp and I love how much he loves his little brother.

Zana said...

That picture gives us a glimpse of just how cute your life is.

KevandChels said...

I'm cracking up...a raindrop hit his eyeball! hahahahahahahaha