Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny I can't remember memorial day. 
 All I can remember is feeling like it was such a great breather from life.  
And honestly can't remember the rest!
I think I napped a lot.
We went home to Oregon obviously.
And obviously we are from one of the most beautiful places on earth.
We spent sometime at my parent's home.
Hot breakfast is the norm.
Made by dad on weekends.(Mom during the week.)

Gram and Gram Orton's House.
While the babe and I were snoozin....

This is right about when my motherly instincts jolted me awake.
Something about Devin and Wayne TOGETHER
watching all the kids, while trying to set off a rocket that is over 20 years old
didn't sit well with mother nature.
Did you get it Nay?
hehe. i couldn't resist.
Anyway, they worked at for a good long while, then 
gave up.
And then rocket blasted off
 Juuust as we all had our backs to it, but only feet from it.  
It could have easily blasted off just moments before when these pictures were taken:

But it didn't.

Infact that rocket had so much power to it, we couldn't see it, it was up so high.
And now it somewhere... but no one knows where.
Aaaah now it's coming back to me a bit.
We had a lovely BBQ.
Janie made the centerpiece from her lilac bush.
Can't you just smell it?

Janie sent me home with this centerpiece.
Along with homegrown and made raspberry jam.
Also homegrown corn and blueberries and salmon.
We went home feeling "filled" body, soul and freezer goods.

THEN we went fishing.

At the request of ONE particularly cute little boy.

He likes to drive the boat more than fish though.

Obviously I love to fish too.
(Actually I really do.)
For some reason when I'm thinkin, I looked ticked.
Always have.
People tell me they think I'm glaring at them all my life.
I'm just thinkin though.
Oh well.

Just a fun memory:
 Devin and Wayne deciding to unload the boat NEXT to the boat ramp instead of using the boat ramp...
When you put those two men together ..
I'll tell you what you get :
A lot of optimism..
A lot of smiles.
But sometimes Not the best ideas.
Somehow though, they always seem to avoid catastrophe.
It must be the optimism that carries them through.
 Also my rain boots came in very handy this time.
Aaand we were off.

After the rocket and unloading of the boat Grandma
 decided it would be best to keep the babies safely on shore with her.
Naomi got a little ride later.
I think this is the exact picture/expression I will see when I die and my life flashes before my eyes.
I know this face SO well.

Attempt at a family picture.

Then we went home. 
Or we tried.



Kara and Chant said...

Looks like fun! Oregon is beautiful. Gorgeous photos of it. Glad that rocket didn't go off while you guys were holding it!

Cindy Spratling said...

I smiled through this whole post. You write so well. Beautiful people inside and out!

MegRich said...

Ahhh. I feel so refreshed just looking at those pictures. I don't think I would mind living in Oregon one bit! Sounds like it was a very relaxing memorial day. I love the way you talk about Devin. Makes me all dreamy about my own man :) I miss you too Amie- I was a little jealous that Cindy & the fam got to go hang out witchyall. If we ever move to Boise (our dream, by the way), you'll be our first guests for dinner :).

DancELation said...

How Fun!!! and your family is soooo stinkin' CUTE!