Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love these kids

I wasn't going to write anything this post. BUT something happened today.
Grocery store checkout line.
Nice lady with gray hair,  a tiny bit scraggly and unkept, just a tiny bit.
Naomi: "MOM, is dat a WITCH?"
Me: What? Look! Where is the bread? Naomi look at Cache, do you like ponies?(desperate to distract her.)
Nay: MOM!!! is DAT a witch? (over and over and pointing)
Me:*panic* (IN a Loud voice so the checker could hear) OH, a sandWHICH? Yes YOU want a sandwhich. Yup we are going to make a sandwhich with that bread you're pointing at.
Nay: (scowling)-"Dats not what I talkin bout."
Me: shhhsh. Be quiet.
My heart. 
Split into 3 pieces.


Bri Nelson said...

Cute story (and funny in an after-it-happened sort of way)! Adorable pictures!!!!! Have a good trip and we will miss you guys tomorrow :(

Laura Orton said...

Wanna hear a similar story? We were also at the grocery store and an older man with a patch over his eye and a white perscription bag is walking down the aisle the other way and Nathan starst yelling and pointing "Look Mom! A pirate! See the Pirate!" As I hustled and shushed my children passed, they were wide-eyed and checking for hooks and peg legs. What can ya do?

Laura Orton said...

Did I mention that was obviously years ago? I think Nate was about 3.

Cindy Spratling said...

Bwahahah! Yes, funny after the fact. I love your words Amie. I love your style. Your simplicity is so beautiful. Can't wait to see you. I might actually be in Ideeho this weekend 'cause my Grandma Murdock passed away. But looks like you will be out of town, so guess I'll just have to wait till June to see yall. love ya

One mom said...

Good story (well, one you might like to remember down the road anyway). As always, I love the picture. We missed you at the zoo today!