Thursday, December 23, 2010

More of December

This month I've been beaned in the back of the head at least 20 times, by who else but Mister Cache.
grocery story parking lots
church parking lots
in my kitchen
Many, many other people including complete strangers, Aunt Julie and the grandpa we bought our tree from have been dangerously pelted. The old man, threw snow balls back, which shocked his whole family. I had the impression that he was either very cranky or very honored. Either way Cache broke him down.
Both of them laughing like crazies...
The thing is Cache KNOWS he shouldn't do this,
But  has decided that any punishment is SO worth it.
He sits in his time out, with a very pleased look on his face, trying not to crack up.
And if he has to stay in his room all afternoon with no toys. He's in there laughing at himself.
Devin and Cache have made a tradition of  snowmen with lego mouths.
This snow man lived for about 45 seconds.
I'm glad Devin took some quick pictures, so I could actually see the snow man.
 Cache yelled:"Mom come look at my snowman!" I got to the window just in time to see 
his head rolling down the driveway.  
In Cache's mind this is the soul reason for building snow men. 
To demolish them.
We had a ward "ho down" Christmas party.
That was a first.

We all dressed up, ate good cowboy food, listened to cowboy poetry, saw Santa and lined danced.
 We hosted the pre-school christmas party
This is Naomi's li'l friend Avri.

  Devin turned 28.
 I made him the traditonal cheesecake and we went on a double "date" with Julie and Matt.
(Put a movie on for the kids and ate Thai take out just us adults.)
 3rd year in a row I've failed to throw Devin his dodgeball party.
I have all sorts of excuses, but none good enough.
He never asks for anything, Ever. Really.
 except a dodge ball party....
 It will happen Devin. Just YOU wait. and wait.
Devin got a suit for his birthday.
Yes he got a birthday suit.
And if you know Devin.....
There were all sorts of "punny's" That Sunday.
Devin may be the king of puns.
He lives to point them out.
I started making a list of his "punny's"
I will find that list someday.
And share with you.
and then you will all be rolling.
Devin we love you.
I love you.
You are my favorite person that has ever ever lived.
 I don't know how else to say it.
Happy Birthday.
Now bring on Christmas!

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natalie spratling said...

Happy Birthday Devin, I so remember 28, like it was 12 years ago. We had a an almost three year old and three 10 months old. Love that Amie gave you a birhtday suit, wear it proud. Merry Christmas