Friday, December 24, 2010


 Merry Christmas!
Thank you for all your beautiful christmas cards, we love them all.
Such a treat to check the mail everyday.
And someday when I have enough hands and time to tie my shoes, THEN I will send you one too.
And hopefully my kids will still be as cute. 

Love , The Orton Family


Cher said...

Merry Christmas, Adorable Orton Family!

natalie spratling said...

Merry Christmas:) I love how we get to see you in the first photo with your reflection in the fire place. Can't wait to see you in just a few days. Your kids are so adorable can't wait to give them loves...and their very comment will be, "who is this crazy lady?" love you guys can't wait to be with all of the Spratlings

DancELation said...

Cute Family Amie-you cut Cache's hair-trying to decide if he looks older or not-so fun though. I really get a good feel of their personalities through your blog. You're a talented writer Amie(and photographer I might add)How is #3 baby? It sounds like you're doing amazing. My #3 was by far the HARDest adjustment. I figured after I made it through three I could handle 20 kids-HA! Well, there's some truth to that, but not realistically. Soooo, we made our parents pick a time when we can plan to go to Tahiti. Summer of 2012. . . just thought I'd let you know in case the Spratlings wanted to come along. . .what do ya think?!?!?!? We figured if we didn't do it now, when Grandma was still here, that we'd never do it. Hoping that we planned far enough in advance that most everyone can save for it. Just a thought. . . . . You guys take care. Happy Holidays love ya

Unknown said...

very sweet pics! I feel the same way about Christmas cards - I run to the mail box everyday excited to see who I will see next! I love yours! Nay is becoming such a little lady! I love the pic a ways back with her pig tails. How are you guys managing? Have you worked out the workout/ shower thing? I am learning to read the Ensign by laying it out and reading while I blow dry my hair upside down. It takes me about a week to read a whole talk. I can't believe you had a Hoe Down Christmas Party! That actually awesome. Wonder if anyone would go for that around here?
Take Care of your self and all of your cuties!


Aubrey said...

Such a cute layout. LOVE Naomi's shoes. I have some just like them in pink. :)