Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Au revoir Sista Spratling

My baby sista is now a full time missionary.

She is gonna have a great 18 months, but not talking to her for that long?
Calorado doesn't know how lucky they are to have such a sophisticated sweetheart  in their presence.

oh  my gosh Ash are you taller than me now? We never checked!!!

I took meself and my 3 childrens over the mountain and through the snowy woods  this week
 to spend some time with her and listen to her speak in church.
Devin joined us on Saturday.
It was a good week.
 Here are the youngest 4 of us 6 Spratling sibs at the movies.
(I felt left out too Ben don't worry.)
I don't know what's going on in this next pic, but i like it.
Presenting the the younger and goofier half of the Spratling Sibs:
Joey is holding a gun he caught Cache smuggling back to Boise.

I asked them to smile for a picture: 
(I'm the oldest girl so I can boss like that you know.)
Come on guys...

Okay nevermind,
we're done.
I Don't know if I'm biased or not but Ashley was asked to speak on "Serving the Savior"
and it was the best talk I've heard from a departing missionary probably ever.
It was sincere and honest.
It stung my heart.
I will quote a bit of her talk:
"Someone asked me to state why I choose to serve the Savior.  I had never even thought of WHY before.  So as I was asking myself this question the answer came: Because he answers me. I asks him questions and I get answers. I feel his love always. When I'm Happy and when I'm sad I feel him loving me. I want to share that love with others." 

 I have no doubt people will feel his love through you Sister Spratling.

Because I do.

Right here is where I chose to omit the picture of us looking at the camera and crying.
It's not super perty.
Then we drove away.
Looking at Ash for as long as we could. 
This would be the last time I'll see her for so long.
Then  5 minutes later we drove back.
I forgot stuff. 
But by then Sarah was awake so we got to take a GIRL picture!(we missed you Cindy!)

Then we drove away again and this time didn't look back.
Au Revouir.
Till we meet again.


Just a funny note I don't want to forget. My parents took Ash out out to Olive Garden last night.
Ash didn't finish her meal, but left the tasty left overs for my parents.
My mom said every time she would open the fridge, she would cry because it was Ashley's left overs, and so she couldn't bear to eat them. And threw them away.
so funny.


Cindy Spratling said...

Okay, so you KNOW I'm bawling right now! It's only 7 something in the morning. I better stop or I'll be crying all day! Thanks for missing me in the girl picture. I feel loved :) Ben is going to bawl when he reads this post!I hope he reads it at home and not work, or he'll be embarassed :) Well, Ashley will be everything the Lord needs her to be. She is truly one of the sweetest, most sincere spirits on this planet. That's why she gets really emotionally into things, because she means it! Like how she would just call us sometimes or email me and say things like, "I miss you guys and love you so much I am like crying just thinking about it!" or "Oh my gosh, I love this SOOOOOO much!" Anyway- tears are so flowing right now. Better go get a tissue! See you soon!

Cindy Spratling said...

Me again. Just came back to cry again. Why am I doing this to myself? Uh, Anyway- your mom looks so beautiful in these pictures! So so beautiful! She looks proud, and mature, and wise, and perfectly beautiful.

Ben said...

So, just read your post and read Cindy's comments above. Just so everyone knows, I didn't cry like all you girls. Its not like she died. It makes me happy to know Ash is a missionary know. Anywayzz. Mainly just wanted everybody to know I didn't cry, but really good post Amer!

Cindy Spratling said...


Amie Orton said...

haha you guys are so funny. I believe you ben. How could possibly cry more after you bawled like a baby at the airport? :)

natalie spratling said...

Ok, so if Ben won't admit to it, I will..I cried. I so wish we could have been there. Fabulous post Amie, love the photos, and thanks for posting part of her talk. I agree she will be a fabulous missionary. Can't wait to see all of you in a week. Love you guys. Thanks for keepig us up on the family business.

Zana said...

So happy for your sis! What an amazing experience that she will have for the rest of her life (because I call hard things...amazing :)
She sounds very blessed! So much love to support her.