Thursday, December 23, 2010

I took these pictures the morning of the first snow.
I wanted to hurry and make sure I got their picture in the snow before it all went away.
little  did I know what was coming.
I love it.
And love these two kids in snow gear.
Cache dresses himself in a different snow get up everyday.
He is so fun.
We are lucky if Naomi is wearing clothes at all.
She likes to eat snow a lot.
Grabbed a big black chunk of sludge off the car tire the other day and started munchin away.
nice huh.

Cache is growing up.
Cache is so forgiving with me as mom.

He gives these hugs that melt my heart completely. (only every once in awhile)
He also like to hold my hand and play with my hair. 

And when I feed the baby he likes to wedge himself RIGHT next to me,
 so of course Naomi sit RIGHT next to me on my other side.
 And there we sit.

And this one...
Sometimes i think we act like her grandparents and not her parents.
She is just so very hard to say no to.
So you know in Jurassic park when referring to the velocer raptors intelligence, they said:
The raptor will never try the same spot on the electric cage twice, they just bite and bite till they find a week link in the fence to escape. 
That scene in the movie popped into my head tonight while putting Naomi to bed over and over and over and over....
Each time she appeared standing there in jammies, RED dress shoes and blankies drapped over her shoulder, she had a new "reason" for being out.
 Let me see if I can remember SOME of them:
I need a cracker. -"NO sorry." stick her in bed.
"I have boogie feener me" (I have a booger on my finger)
I need a cookie. -stick her in bed.
I need cookie wis milk pease.  (really? Well a cookie AND milk, okay then, NOT)
I need a candy cane. "Condy con."
Spider's gonna get me. "bider gu get me."(this almost broke me, to think she was scared, but she wasn't really...)
"I need Daddy jump UH bed."
I need Cache to sleep with me. "Tashy seep my bed me."
My tummy hurt.
"Mommy snuggo me? "
i need to pee potty. - hmm. yah right.
"Daddy Uh nose me"(she likes devin to rub her nose to help her fall asleep.)
Then the nakedness started.
 She just strips diaper and all, except for her red shoes. So we have no choice but to pay attention to her.
2.5 HOURS of this.
 I did give in and lay next to her.
 Super nanny would be so dissapointed in me.
It kept her in bed but no sleep.
So frustrating.
But strangely a reason we are in love with her.
Her tantrums make me laugh out loud. ( some of the time.)
Just her little stomp and her big sad eyes , and tiny voice.
She's got the pout down.
I'm trying to do better at following through with her and not giving in.
And she has started hurting Cache pretty bad.
And nobody hurts my Cache.
Not even you chic-ca.
But even when she is in time out I have to hide my face so she won't see me laughing as she is pouting and glaring at everyone in the room.
I have been having moments lately where I am just enchanted with my own life.
Despite how loud and messy and very frustrating our house can get,

 I get to experience children, a loving husband. 
oh and a garage.  :)
I love my life because of the people in it.


Kara and Chant said...

Love this post Amie. And the one before it too. Glad you are doing well and enjoying life!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Those are the cutest cowboys and cowgirl I've ever seen : ). See you sooooooooon!