Monday, October 4, 2010

Today: We finally all got out of our jamma's at noon. Just before lunch. After lunch Nay and I had to change again... typical.  
Cache is sick so he needs an icepack for everything and ended up watching a lot of t.v. 
At lunch he told me that "Cymbalta Helps." Cybalta is what he needs for a fever. 
Then he gave me the weather report. It is going to rain tomorrow during the Bronco's game. He wanted to tell me that because he knows I like rain.
Whoops. Okay no more t.v.
 I actually did wonder when and if it was going to rain.

Naomi some how got a  gallon of apple cider out of the fridge, hauled it to our room and dumped it all over our bed.  Where was I? Our house is only so big.  Good thing I washed our sheets on Saturday. Our bedding is so big it will take all of today to get it through the wash.

As for this little man:

I'm blaming you for everything baby. 
 If you weren't so snuggly and warm, I would get more sleep at night instead of staying up a little longer each feeding just to snuggle your sweet sleepy face. And instead of cuddling you all morning long we could of gotten dressed before noon, and I probably wouldn't be washing cider soaked Duvet right now... Over cast fall days like this with a baby to snuggle is just too much of a temptation to not do much else but hold you, smell you and stare at your face.
I know I will miss this time in life after it passes.
I want to soak up every minute.
I don't want to miss a moment.
Even the crazy ones like today.
I consider today a perfect day.


Crystal and Billy said...

He's so cute! Seriously!

Kara and Chant said...

Love it! He is just adorable. I can see why you would not get much done with him around. And Amie, you are an amazing writer! Love reading your blog!

Karli said...

okay, so wednesday is another doctor appointments in boise day, so I may try stopping by on our way back home...if you're around great, if not, I'll get you another day! (:

Cindy Spratling said...

I love you Amie. I needed to remember what was most important today. Gage makes me hungry... for a baby. Yummy. That blanket is amazing. Who made it? Was it you? Good job!

shelly said...

Sweet baby boy! We just watched the documentary, Babies. Makes me want to go wake up my sleeping baby just to snuggle her. You're right--eat up the time you can!