Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby steps

We are still working on finding balance with our new addition and no visitors/servants to pick up the slack.

Life feels like a game of dance dance revolution. Gotta keep up with the steps.
I got through 10 minutes  of a 50 minute yoga video, 3 minutes at a time.

Showered at 11, with Naomi after I had to come break up a fight in my towel.
She likes to scrub my toes with the pumice stone.
Got mascara on both the top AND bottom today. 
Breakfast at 11:45. Lets call it lunch!
Don't worry they fed themselves yogurt  earlier and dumped  half the fridge out looking for it.
such rascals these two!

Baby Gage demands feeding at least every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, like clock work. 
He is NEVER awake expect for the nano second before he decides he's hungry.
Let's just say he has found his "voice."
It's actually very cute.
He gets inpatient, well down right hysterical if you tell him "just a minute."

geez, so demanding.
:) love it.

So I am a feeding machine instead of a cleaning machine. 
Fine except I can't stand the mess, so what do you do when your mess is more than you can control?

Throw things away.

I'm not even patient enough to donate it, just toss it.
After I throw a good pile of stuff away, I feel better.

Thank heavens for frozen meals from mom and Julie!  
I'm getting nervous as I see the pile of frozen meals diminishing every night. 

I never could juggle.
Or hula hoop for that matter.
But slowly babysteps every day we are getting better and better at this.
And I'm happier than ever.

Another positive. We went on an evening drive last night and Devin looked at my gas gage and said : "Wow when did you fill up today?" I realized I filled up a week ago and hadn't driven since then... also meaning I hadn't gone to the store and spent money.
gotta feel good about that.
Devin said: "Maybe we SHOULD have another child just to keep you home."
neither of us laughed.

life is sweet.


Unknown said...

I chuckled when I read your post because just barely a year ago, my days were exactly the same--lucky if I even got to brush my teeth. The transition from 2 to 3 kids is really the hardest, but it gets better. Hang in there!

Cindy Spratling said...

Oh Amie. I admire you so much. You know what's most important and don't worry about the small stuff. Even it your house isn't perfectly picked up, your pictures would never tell. All the pics of your place look awesome! And Gage is so so so so cute. Does he have red hair? He seems like he makes being a feeding machine worth it :)
I miss you and wished we lived close really really bad!

andie jane barefooted in the hills said...

I feel for you. I don't have three children, only two... but I remember having days like this with Asher and Isaac, trying to find that balance. To try and comfort my guilty conscience I tried to tell it... these is just a season we are passing through... like winter... there is a time for a messy house and time for a clean house... time for chaos and time to play with all of your children... well, that is what I tell myself anyway. :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Well, you two might not have laughed, but I did.

Feel blessed, Amie. You've got more than most people could ever ask for.

natalie spratling said...

I love hearing about life, can't wait to meet that sweet little guy and hopefully see you guys at Christmas, you need to take more photos of the house inside and out would love a tour. I so remember those days of little sweet as well as exhausting. Your doing awesome:)