Thursday, December 18, 2008

tagged by ashley green

  • I am. a country kid
  • I want to be healthy
  • I have to fold laundry and pack for our trip home
  • I wish I didn't die my hair black
  • I hate Clutter!
  • I fear that someone will hurt my children...
  • I hear cache singing "in ex chelseas day ay OH" (angels we have heard on high)as he raids the fridge looking for yogurt that i said he couldn't have until supper.
  • I search for a binkie or burp rag all day. they are always gone.
  • I wonder how babies KNOW when you sit down vs. standing up.
  • I always see pictures .. like all day long, think. that would be the best picture if only i could blink my eyes and take a picture like that. i've even caught myself tilting my head to see the better picture.. sometimes this worries me that i do this..
  • I’m usually a people person who loves company.
  • I’m not happy unless i work out
  • I dance with cache on a daily basis. usually "rock star dance" which means playing the air guitar and running in circles.
  • I sing primary songs with cache.. through out the day.
  • I never have tasted alcohol
  • I rarely swear unless i am almost in a wreck or something
  • I cry when i think about children in a bad home or homeless
  • I’m not always the most positive person when it comes to Devin's dreams and aspirations. I'm working on it though.
  • I lose my sunglasses every other day. And then I find them in the car, my coat pocket or the diaper bag.
  • I’m confused about omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. both good, i think, some come in fish, or in flax seed, .. i can't keep it straight. And while we are talking about being confused, the types of dietary fiber, soluble vs. insoluble, both good, but which kind is more important, which comes in cereal vs. oatmeal. vs bean and veggies.. aaah frustrating.. I give up.
  • I need to eat less sugar.
  • I should get off the computer
  • I dream about living a simple, clean life in the country, with my family,good friends, a great dane, a couple horses, a cherry tree, hard wood floors, big windows, GIANT garden and an amazing tree house. And sometimes there is a teepee and warm summer nights the smell of bbq and children laughing, Oh and awesome neighbors. Oh and there are no mosquitos. I dream a lot.
  • I tag Cindy, cher, MOM, sarah orton, sarah Leonard, Ashley spratling. :-)

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