Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DAY TWO continued...


OH BOY did the little boys have some karate fights after seeing "Kung FU Panda" at the zoo.
I was kicked in the shin at karate chopped at least several times, I don't know about anyone else!

Phew, that was a big long day.... i'm tired just remembering it!


Karli said...

Amie your pictures are awesome! I love how you play with the pictures and write stuff on them. Thanks for posting about our trip. I'm sure Pat and I will get to it soon, but December is turning out to be a busy month for us. Anyway, good job, you are a true artist!

Jenni said...

I sent you an invite today to see our blog. HOpe you like it. I love seeing yours, your photos are amazing!

Aubrey said...

How many days did you spend there? This could take forever! :) How fun that you've discovered photoshop. We want to send you a Christmas card and were hoping that we could get your address? aubsrey@gmail.com

natalie spratling said...

Love the photo of Cache and the T Rex. Love, Love, Love your blog - and being part of your life. Love you guys only 2 more weeks until we see you guys.woohooo!

carrie said...

Your photo essays are awesome! If you will send me your address I will send you a Christmas Card. :)carrie@carriebrazier.com