Monday, December 15, 2008

the new blog
heading is my christmas
card, Merry Christmas! this is as
close as i will get to sending out christmas cards.
i admire all those who are put together enough to stamp
and address envelopes every christmas. i LOVE
receiving them and sorry i'm too much of a slacker to
send you or anyone one. someday, someday. It is so exciting to
check the mail every day and see all your beautiful families
and how 2008 has treated you.
merry christmas

*oh i did the christmas card on photobuckets scrapblog thingy. its supa easy, if you were wondering. i don't own photoshop and always wondered how people did such cool things on their blogs. so i'm sharing how i did it incase you are now the one wondering.


carrie said...

Thanks for the Christmas card! Yours is coming :) I do send out Christmas cards but that is because Tim knows Photoshop and our secret is to create the card as one photo then import it to the Sam's club website it only costs us 10 cents per picture. Anyways I never expect to get cards in the mail and now that so many people blog it makes more sense to do it your way.

Karli said...

Great Christmas card! Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you guys have a great holiday-I'm loving all the DC posts-such a great photographer, I swear! You are so talented. Cute kids & family too. Have a great day!

natalie spratling said...

thanks Amie:) you know i would have asked how you did everything, so cute. I love it. You have the cutest family can't wait to get you all a big Christmas hug in less than two weeks...counting down.

Cam and Mary said...

Hi Amie. I just had to say that your card is so cute! I had good intentions to send out Christmas cards this year, but they still aren't in the mail, so I will probably just post one on our blog as well. Hope you guys have a great Christmas! We will have to get together once you guys get back and things settle down.

Cher said...

Awesome card, Oh, I want to be just like you, I love seeing your pictures, post more! You are so good at it. So I tried to make a Christmas card last night but my cousin Andrea was planning on making ours so the one I made is my header too:) You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for the card:)

Jenni said...

With your skills as a photographer, you could never post too many photos! I just love looking at them. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun on your trip.

Whetton Family said...

I love that picture! You all look so happy and cute together! Your trip looked like it was so much fun! I love all that you do with your pictures! Hey are you going to the Byu game at the school with the boys on Saturday? Chris is trying to talk me into it, but maybe if you will be there the boys and I will come.