Monday, October 27, 2008


This is my grandma Childers. We decided to give Naomi the middle name of Titaua after her. Devin and I decided that we want the our Children's middle names to be after a person that worthy of living up to. Someone that they can look at their life story, or know in person and be able to ask them selves "What have I done with his/her name?" As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints we are baptized. One of the purposes of baptism is to make a promise. That promise is that we will take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ and as we go through out our life we try our best to represent him, to treat and love others as he would and by doing so others will know him by knowing you. I have done wrong things in my life, and sure I feel bad or regretful because of what I did most of the time. Other times I just know I should feel bad but don't. Every once in awhile though I remember that I promised to take upon my self his name as in our Saviors and I know of no other question that can bring me to remorse for ANYTHING I've done more than the question: "Amie what have you done with my name?" Have you tarnished it? That question has wracked my soul many times and although painful, it is motivating to move on and try and represent it in a better and true way. To love others and live up to the standard of the Savior that I know and love.
Our children will also have someone that is a bit more tangible, to represent. We named Cache "David" after my dad, because he was the first grandchild and honestly because it sounded good with Cache. He will hopefully get to know and love his grandpa Dave. My dad is a hard worker,and loves the land. He is simple and clean, he is human but tries to be better, he is loyal and has a testimony of the lord and the Gospel. Cache already loves his "Grandpa Tractor."

My Grandma Childers is a beautiful woman. We love her so much. I wish everyone could meet her. I love getting phone calls from her and hearing her beautiful accent. She is so funny and laughs at herself very easily. We've had some of the best laughs when getting together as cousins and swapping stories and memories about grandma. I have been known to save her voice mails for more than a year, just because every couple of months when I go through and delete old ones, I love to hear her voice! Titaua means "white rose." I think this is appropriate name to be given since my grandma is Tahitian, but was the only child in her family born with light skin and blue eyes!
My grandma grew up in the islands and as a young girl joined the church. Her testimony is real and pure. I love to sit and listen to her and my grandpa tell story after story of the miracles they've experienced in their lives in the islands because of priesthood blessings during their many years of service in Tahiti.

My grandma also writes beautiful music. She doesn't just hear a tune in her head, she hears an orchestra. She will sit at her piano and write and rewrite. Explaining this to me as she is hearing it in her head: 'and then the flute comes in, and then the violin and la la la.. she'll sing a few notes and then the choir..."
Also an artist in the kitchen, in my experience i've rarely or ever seen her use a recipe but can take anything from your kitchen or garden and make a really good tasting meal. One time she came and stayed with us kids while my mom was in the hospital. Every day for an ENTIRE week lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast we at a different meal that she made from cucumbers from our garden. ALL cucumbers! She just made stuff up. Half the time I didn't even know I was eating cucumbers and it was GOOD!
She is a pioneer in her own life, leaving the islands and everyone she loved to come to America and raise her family in the Gospel. I've often seen her tear up when she talks about leaving the islands and saying goodbye. She must be where I got my love of pictures from because she will pour over pictures for days, on end talking about them and all the wonderful people from her past.
Oh and one more thing about her is she is a lady of little means, but she would give us the world if she could. I am always very careful with my compliments when i visit her, because if you say you like something in her home, even if it means a lot to her, she will end up sending you home with it. It's her way of showing love I guess. There is just so much about this lady that I love. Well anyway I could go on for longer, but my point is she is very worthy of being named after. Also this will be the one way Naomi will be able to feel a part of her Polynesian heritage, because for heavens sake she won't show it in her skin! (talk about getting the bum deal darnit.)


natalie spratling said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandma and Dad. She is a neat lady and you are blessed to have her as your grandma. I agree with you about your dad. He loves his family and has an amazing testimony of the gospel and wants his children to be dedicated and live the teachings that our Saviour taught us. He, and your mom, they, did an amazing job you all turned out to be amazing adults active members with a love for our Saviour.

Cindy Spratling said...

Amie!! I love this post. Can I copy another one from you and put parts of this on my blog? The way you described Grandma Childers is so beautiful. I am for sure printing it off, and if it's okay with you, I would love to put it on our blog. Just so others can see what a wonderful heritage we (Ben and his children) come from. I'll call you sometime, because this baby sure isn't acting anxious to come out. Urgg.

The Greenski's said...

What a Beautiful Woman, inside and out. I can see a lot of you in her Amie (Aimes, as i sometimes call you). You should take a picture when you are that age and compare it...then again, knowing you, you could "edit" it to make you look like twins! :)
Have a good one

Zana said...

Maybe I need to go live in Tahiti for five or twenty years so I can make a meal out of anything! Can I hold your cozy, cute baby again? She's delicious!

natalie spratling said...

Amie, here is the recipe for peach butter:) You can use canned peaches if you wish.

Puree 1 can of peaches no juice
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp lemon juice

cook on the stove for 1/2 hour med/low heat, stir occassionaly. It sould be the consistancy of tomato paste. Taste if not sweet enough for you add a little more sugar, not tart enough add more lemon juice you get the picture. Good luck, your always welcome to come and join us here for our Halloween Celebrations. Wouldn't that be fun it is suppose to be in the high 60's thats unheard of for this time of year. Love you guys...Happy Halloween

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

So sweet! I hope my hair is that beautiful when I'm a grandma!

Mardee Rae said...

Now I see where you got your stunning looks. What a sweet grandma. I loved your explanation for having namesakes. Spencer and I have decided to use namesakes from my side of the fam for middle names. I think I'll blog about it sometime, I liked it.