Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clairebee Mcdougals

What kind of nicknames do you get when you have a one syllable name? Really long nick names like Clairebee Mcdougals, claire bear, clairbeez.. whatever they are we miss you Clair bear! This is my brother's little girl and she is going to be a big sister ANY day now! I can't wait to see what her sister will look like. How can you get any cuter than this?


Dave & Colette said...

Wow! Amie good job the pictures are beautiful. Is this photo shop?
I'm impressed. Keep sending pictures.
Love Mom

Cindy Spratling said...

you have to teach me how to do this. You made a poorly taken photo (sloppy and off centered) look amazing. This is so cute of Claire. Now I'm stealing it back from you and putting it on my blog. Christmas break... you are teaching me how to do this! The pics from the pumpkin patch are so cute. I am jealous. We have lots of brown and orange colors here in AZ too, but it's just dirt and bark, not leaves and pumpkins :) Miss you TONS!!!!

Cher said...

WOW! Amie, I love love love those pictures! They are awesome. As soon as we start a job, I'm getting one of those camera's!!! :) Claire is such a cutie;

MegRich said...

Awww, I love this girl! What a beautiful picture!