Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get to know us a bit better

I just found this picture of Cache taken in Utah right before we left. He has changed soo much! He loved that bike..as you can see from his face..Do you like Devin and Cache's matching plaid shorts? He he..

My husband...

1.What is his name? Devin Scott Orton

2.How long have you been together? Married since Dec 29th, 2004. (3 years)

3.How long did you date? Oh, hard to really nail it down. First date was his prom, second was my prom...we were both 17..became a more official couple about 5 months before he left on his mission..We were married 6 months after he got back from Brazil..so actually face to face dating time is less than a year!

4. How old is he? 25

5.Who eats more? He NEEDS more food than I do...but if I'm emmotional..I'll out eat him especially when it comes to icecream..I have no control. At dinner we usually eat about the same but I always give him the biggest piece of chicken or salmon or any meat.

6.Who said I love you first? Devin..he sat me down on a bench and I could tell he was getting really serious... I knew he was breaking up with me.. he said "Amie I'm leavin on a mission and.." I just almost said it for him 'you need to not have girlfriend" but instead he said "And I don't know what to do because I'm pretty sure I love you."

7.Who is taller? he is about 2inches taller, but i wear heals so often that it makes me equal or taller.. I dont mind it just makes me that much closer to his sexy noggin.’

8.Who sings better? Him, for sure, People use to tell me I was a good singer, but I hid my candle under a bushell I guess and it went away..

9.Who is smarter? Devin is especially numbers and figuring things out in his head. He also knows so much more about everything because he is constantly reading books (outside of school) and these books are never (novels like I read) but always: Historybooks,or how to books or buisness books or trying to teach himself a new language...constantly! This last trip I forbid him ANY books to lug around with us on the plane.. he STILL ended up sneaking in a Gigantic text book(not one he has for school) He was reading about Biology on the plane! He couldn't resist. So he deserves the label of smarter. Although I must say I can read people better than he can. Is that considered smartness?

10.Whose temper is worse? ME! Or maybe i just find more things to be mad about...I've only ever seen actually seen Devin mad a few times..seriously in three years of marriage I can remember two times he got mad..It has to pretty dang serious to make this guy unhappy but each time lasted only for like 1 minute and he was over it! ( How does he do that?)

11.Who does the laundry? Me.But more than half the time Devin helps me, mostly because I'm afraid of our dungeon basement that looks like it's straight out of a murder movie...

12.Who does the dishes? I do breakfast and lunch dishes but when it comes to dinner its pretty much 50/50. If we eat fast food Devin ALwAYS "does the dishes" or so he calls his trip the the trash can.

13.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Devin but sometimes just to be a stinker I switch things up on him...

14.Who pays the bills?I do.

15.Who mows the lawn?Miguel the maintenance guy. In our old house, though, Devin insisted that was a man's job.. and I'll never complain about that..He also believes that taking out the garbage is a man's job and once again.. lovin it.

16.Who cooks dinner? Guiltily I'll admit Devin cooks dinner more.. I plan a weeks menu but Devin makes it probably 60-70% of the time lately...He is a lot more flavorful cooker than I am..I am such an incredibly spoiled wife.
17?Who drives when you are together?Devin usually especially in bad weather,,not because he is a better driver, but because if any close calls ever happen I'll scream at the top of my lungs and freak out a bit...start crying..Devin doesn't like that...
18.Who is more stubborn? ME, no comparison.. Devin doesn't have a stubborn bone in his body...
19.Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Well usually when we argue.. we are both wrong...but Devin always ALWAYS apoligizes first even If he really didn't do anything.. I'll yell at Devin for doing something he didn't know was annoying to me.. and He'll apoligize for making me yell...It works out because then I realize how crazy this situation is that he is apoligizing when I should be and I feel bad and we'll always end up laughing...eventually. Devin is a peace maker no matter what the cost... I am SOO not.

20.Who's family do you see the most? Neither with our recent move, but when we lived in Utah mine for sure..We just naturally like to hang out more..I guess.

21.Who kissed who first? It was a little bit mutual but Devin instigated it..Night of my prom..so second date Devin "needed to get something out of his car" and wanted me to go with him,, mysteriously he couldn't find the "thing" he was looking for so we had to go for a walk around the yard..and then behind the barn! I love thinking about still. Devin was VL so maybe a bit awkward, but all I can really remember is just thinking over and over" I can't believe I'm kissing Devin Orton!"( I was to say the least CRRAZY about him)

22..Who asked who out? Devin in a video...

23.Who proposed? Devin .

24Who is more sensitive?I am way more of a cry baby at weddings, tv shows.. happy or sad.. Devin is a softy animal and baby lover and I easily hurt his feelings but others rudeness doesn't phase him..I'm the opposite..others comments or actions hurt way deeper for me. But I can also be way meaner about other people.You be the judge.

26Who has more friends? I have closer friends than him but he makes friends with anyone and everyone. I tend to keep my old friends close to me better than he does, but he absolutly loves his friends from highschool even though he doesn't really talk to them anymore...

27.Who has more siblings? We both grew up in families of 6, but I have a brother Robert who passed away as a baby..He definatly counts so I win.

28.Who wears the pants in the family? OH I do... I don't really want it that way but I just am more particular and Devin is easy going about Everything so it just comes natural...

1.Movies I can watch over and over:Dumb and Dumber,the santa clause,polar express, Fools rush in.

2.Paces I've lived:1.Logan UT, Pullman WA, Pendleton OR, Provo UT, Orem UT, and Chesterfield, MO.

3Favorite TV. Shows: The Office,LOst, October road, extreme home make over!

4.Places I've been:Well...just refer back to where i lived..I've been to many states except the cool ones like New york and Florida and Maine..haven't been to any of those... but my time is coming.. My world travel Goals for the next 10 years: Tahiti, Canada, Mexico, England and New Zealand..

5.Favorite foods: Sushi, salsa on anything, cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk, sweet salads, and cheese burgers, Sundried tomato bagels! and Byu creameries passion fruit juice.. man I miss that also,The whole Thanksgiving feast can’t be beat.

6.Places I'd rather be:wherever devin is. Holding Devin. On a warm beach somewhere but with the same company. I like devin.

7.Weird things about me1. I am a clean person, but very particular about my cleanliness. I will put off cleaning the shower day after day, but HAVE to have a clean swept floor and no dishes EVER in the sink or I freak out, No dirty bathroom sinks either..oh and crumbs under the microwave.. I'm always checking for them and cleaning the up but I'll go for days with dirty laundry on my bedroom floor. I have a strong adversion to anything that I eat being blue.. especially gum and candy and drinks, I grew up on a farm where we were required to wake up earlier in the summer than we were during the school year and I STILL managed to be the biggest sleeper inner I know...I brush my teeth up to 6 times a day... but hate to floss. Sometimes I Cravey literally the feel of a gravel road under my tires..I love les schwabb..and Paul Harvey and I am claustrophobic(sp?) pretty bad..

8. My pet peeves are: getting a whiff of someone’s smoky cigarette as they’re walking in front of you, animal hair on clothes, FLYs! braggers, When people talk to me "through" thier baby or child...Does any one know what I mean? or people that don’t clean the lint off the dryer vent after they’re done using the dryer in the Laundromat, people that call before 9am for non emergency questions.. unless I really like them..actually anyone can call me that early I just hate it when one person does it.. over and over. I hate wearing socks that come above my ankle. If I had it my way I would wear flip-flops year round. I wore my flips the other day in the rain, I'd rather have wet toes than sweaty, sock-covered feet.I choose to tag: anyone and everyone that feels so inclined.. do it,, Its fun!


Cher said...

I am dying! That was so hilarious! I will probably read it a couple more times. Man I miss you guys...I love your personalities they are so much fun!

Ben said...

This is your brother, Ben. You are a nerd. Just kidding. That was a great blogg post. It was so great that I am commenting about it.

Amie Orton said...

Ben I love how you are so full of yourself. But really you aren't only kind of..I'm going to call you right now.

Cindy Spratling said...

Sorry we missed your calls. We were out and about and Claire was throwing fits in public. We'll call you tomorrow. I loved reading this post. I can't wait to do it myself and then have Ben make fun of me and make me erase emarrasing things I'll write about him.

Unknown said...

What a fun post!! It definitely gave me a good laugh! I'm going to have to have to something like that on our blog 'cuz I'm so bored. Winter stinks! I can't wait for sunshine! How are you? We watched the new(er) Brian Regan DVD last night....hilarious. Anyway, I loved your post. Have a good Sunday!

Amie Orton said...

Hey cindy sue, Devin made me erase a couple things about him too..hehe..

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Cher said...

Did you know I will pull up your blog while I am doing other things on the internet to listen to your playlist...i love your music taste!