Monday, January 14, 2008


So I've been postponing posting because I can't get my new pictures on the computer yet..but I'll just write in something and then catch up with pictures and Sarah's wedding later. Okay so I played basketball last wednesday "Prunes verses the Plums" I was of course on the "prunes" team since it's been six years since i've played... but I acted like I was on the plums running around like it was just yesterday...I actually surprised myself and did a lot better than I expected...made a 3 pointer, stole the ball from the "plums" point guard..I was feeling pretty good about myself until BAM I was driving the ball under the basket and rolled my ankle.. I thought my foot broke clean off my leg. It ended up being just fine...My pride was hurt more than anything. I had to kneel on the baby stroller and wheel around my aparment for a couple of days...I couldn't stand to lay around after christmas vacation and all of our new years resolutions! I got to work out for the first time since the accident today and I have to say.. I never appreciated exercise like I did today after not being able to do it! I'de like to say that I won't ever complain about exercising again.. but I know myself too well to make promises like that..Well that's my update.. oh and I started watching a little girl named Amelie everyday again..Today was the first day and it went awesome. Cache and her entertained one another for a long time.. just laughing and talking baby talk.. I finally picked her up not because she needed me to but because I felt guilty for not having to do anything(and she's pretty darn adorable).. I carried her around for about five minutes showing her stuff around the house.. she seemed bored so I put her back down on her blanket.. went into the Kitchen to make Cache lunch..walked back into the living room.. She was fast asleep! She slept until her daddy came and picked her up and so did Cache...What a Breeze! Well that's my update pictures later.

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natalie spratling said...

I am glad you are ok from the basketball injury. how fun for Cache to have a little playmate. can't wait to see your photos of Sarah's wedding since i have none of my own. we saw Ben and Cindy and claire this past weekend i wish you guys could have been there. we love you and miss you:)