Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Summa Time Day

Today was just one of those sweet summer days.  
Devin was dressed in a new shirt looking extra handsome, and because he teaches a late class and seminars on weekends I miss him these days, even though we are sleeping in the same house.  As  he was leaving for work, I just had the overwhelming longing for him to stay home.  I said as much.  It was only said to make him feel good to know how much I wanted him near, but was meant only as a wishful thought. He held me, thought for a minute, kissed me as said. 
It was Just like he always says, (but doesn't mean) each time I say something wishful, such as: 
"I wish I lived in Hawaii, I wish I could live on cookie dough, I wish I never had to go to the bathroom." I say things like that daily. 
But then he put his bags down and stayed. 
Aren't suprises like that the best?
I think he knew I just really needed it.

He scheduled the morning to get caught up on paper work so he did it from home.
Even though he was busy mostly, I just loved him sitting at the kitchen table being present, popping over to see what I was up to, and sitting next to him as we each worked on our own to do lists.
I'm sure I smiled all morning.
I did my best only to say important thoughts to him. 
Till lunch break. :) 
Afternoon came, Devin then had patients and prep work for his evening presentation so he left.
When I said, "I guess I should get to work now."  Cache looked at me so sad:
"But Mom can't we please just go to Eagle Island instead?" 
 I decided to pay it forward and said: "Okay!"
We threw our housework to the wind and spent the rest of the day swimmin and building sand castles.
Of note: On the way, Cache from the back was looking out the window and said to no one in particular: "I don't even know if I'm wearing underwear, Weird." Then laughed.  
It hit my funny bone really hard. 
Nay was looking funny at him and he said to reassure her: 
"Oh we don't wear underwear with our swimsuits Nay nay."
Naomi smile! 
She poses.  Kills me.
Then we got home, took baths and Louie fixed us a late supper.

The babies went to sleep and Cache and I played Chess in our blankets and swimsuits.
The boy has always loved Chess. I stink.

Now I'm sitting in squaller.  Dishes, swim bags spilling over the living room with life jackets and wet towels, applesauce, rice & broccoli smeared on the table.  A tub full of sand that all their little cracks carried home :)  But man was that day ever worth this mess.  Now I must go.  I'm itching to sweep the floor and empty the sink of dishes.  Or maybe that's just the sand in my swim bottoms.

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Cindy Spratling said...

You make me smile Amie. What an awesome day! Those days are just needed some times! Love you.