Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kindergarten Under His Belt

Whoa. Hello.  Yes I do have a blog. Perhaps I should document something.
Lets start in the middle of June.
Our first born completed Kindee-garten!
He is not super keen on peforming, and told me:
"Mom, my music teacher asked us to raise our hands if we wanted to talk into the microphone." 
"I didn't raise my hand."
That's A-okay bud.
Below, Cache was hoping the old adage is true: "If I don't see them, they don't see me."

Towards the very end he managed to peek out from under his hat and give me a smile.

Biggest Fan section!
Cache's buds: Camden (aka ladies man) and Hayden.
 Mrs. Emery.
 She was such an energetic, sharp kindergarten teacher.
Because of her we now say biscuits instead of buns as in:
 "Tie your coat around your little biscuits."
Cache always loved to re-tell me stories of Mrs. Emery's baby Maci Lou.
He would laugh and laugh like he knew her. 
Awkward family photo.
Yes Gage is wearing his purple knecklace with a football jersey.
Or baby is all growed up and gradeee- Ating Kindee garten!
 Last day of school Family picnic:

Cache, Camden and Danny
Cache's gift to his teacher.   
 Cache informed me that Aubriana had a crush on him but he didn't know what that was.
 Way to go Cache.  
I'm sad he'll be at school all day next year.
I'm losing my little boy.
And on to sweet summer time! 

Watermelon, cereal, cartoons, swimming, hikes, sunsets, fireworks and s'mores. 
ooh man I'm so in love with summa time!

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Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh Cache and his stage fright. That's so funny because he just seems like the type that would ham it up on stage. I like that you post awkward family pictures ha ha! That little teacher gift is soooooo cute! I bet she loved it.